80s death metal bands

In honor of death metal turning 30, let’s raise some horns high, hard, and heavily for 6.66 albums that pointed the way forward down DM’s left-hand path. This is a list of death metal bands (listed by characters !–9 and letters A through K) including bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of death metal, or one of its sub- or fusion genres; as such there will inevitably be a certain amount of overlap with the list of melodic death metal bands, the list of Swedish death metal bands, and others. Sounding as punch-drunk and inflamed with rage as its subject matter, WTH is overtly pro-Satan, pro-murder, pro-chaos, and anti-anything that might get in the way of that sort of “good” time. Play this L O U D !!!!!!!!!!!!! Their 1992 album, The End Complete, is … Thank you to Brian Lew for use of his photos, more of which can be seen in his book Murder In The Front Row. I call this Death Metal of the fastest and extremest kind. The Hardcore crowd calls these guys music "power violence".. Update: Becerra reached out to KQED after this article was published to explain the issue with the second Possessed album, Beyond The Gates: "How the story goes is that Carl (producer/ex-Rods) f--ed up the final mix so that the sound suffered and differed greatly from how we originally mixed it, which was MUCH heavier, with the guitars a LOT more distorted. The album’s somewhat murky production only seems to enhance the pummeling effect of frontman John Tardy’s hell-beast growl vocals, backed by the incendiary guitar rampage of Allen West and Trevor Peres, and the barbarous beat-down slammed out by Donald Tardy (John’s brother) on drums. In Germany, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, and Tankard, led the Teutonic thrash metal scene, garnering the nickname "The Big Four of Teutonic Thrash". These guys recorded this album quality demo in 84..and few compilation tracks and than fadded into oblivion. Kids are impressed with Slayer n their clone hordes..but those bands ain't shit compared to Motörhead at their rawest heaviest and best. Venom and Discharge/Varukers owe Motörhead a lot! A few morronic prog rock ("heavy metal") journalists killed this band because of their inability to understand this form of music. ALTARS OF MADNESS – Morbid Angel (1989). (Exodus recently reunited with their second and longest-running frontman, Steve "Zetro" Souza.) "), Hammett managed to stay referential to the work of guitar heroes like Uli Jon Roth and even Jimi Hendrix -- but he played with breakneck speed to keep up with the tempo demands of thrash. Death Metal of the crudest rawest and darkest kind.. Wow this is one of the extremest and intense things ever recorded.. There are plenty other bands worth noting from the Bay Area metal scene -- sadly, we couldn't include other amazing thrash bands such as Vio-Lence or crossover groups like Attitude Adjustment -- and feel free to add your favorites below in the comments. Had Tom approached  the Discharge/Varukers punk scene of the day.. the need for Celtic Frost had never materialized.

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