atriox vs red team

If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Brutes are naturally about as powerful as a Spartan, Atriox specifically is ripped. The Didact proceeded to pick up the Master Chief by his helmet with one hand and then crushed it,which smashed out his visor. Atriox would be no walk in the park, but my money’s on Chief. Red team had battle rifles and Atriox had cheaty hammer and also superbly powerful power armor fists. I am not saying any more. We don't know he isn't shielded, to be honest. It was a close quarter combat. He’s the one and only Spartan that could change the tide of the human covenant war for a reason. I do like how Atriox is a sorta contrast to Ripa. Red Team may not have been prepared for Atriox specifically, but they were prepared to encounter whatever threats laid within the Henry Lamb Research Outpost. I get it, he's supposed to be this huge scary antagonist, but come on a knife to the stomach should be enough to cause a reaction. Atriox would be no walk in the park, but my money’s on Chief. Considering all we have really seen of Atriox's fighting ability is a glimpse at a cutscene, I don't think we can seriously guesstimate who would win. It is very likely this power gauntlet that Atriox has is to thank for a lump sum of his power,though I'm still pretty convinced that he's simply a powerhouse as the Elites have the physical strength of the Spartans,only naturally of course,but then the Brutes are even stronger than the Elites or any other know race in the Halo universe to date. Never gonna happen because Humans but still. He could probably defeat all of Red Team in an arm wrestle all at once. She doesnt die, a later mission has you rescuing her and some others from a banished prison. Atriox is the primary antagonist of Halo Wars 2, and the leader of The Banished. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sky Shark (Steam Powered Giraffe) Sky Shark’s Profile (One Sky Shark was used in the fight and speed was equalized). Standard Equipment: His gravity mace, Chainbreaker. I'm so interested to see how this will play out for the long term and if the Banished will make it all the way to Halo 6 or at least the Spirit of Fire. Though I don't want red teams death at all I see some potential here. In your situation, the Chief would have armor that has the benefit of almost 30 years of improvement over their model. That means better reflexes, more strength, and a hell of a … Yeah, there’s a good point about Red Team, but their equipment was 30 years out of date and they were caught by surprise. They really do a lot to convey the setting and where everything stands in relation to eachother. and the editing part was what made it a bit confusing for i did read the edited message but yeah, i hope they willad the comment removing at some point. Not sure, but my best guess is for the sake of the story. Tier: At least 8-C physically, Higher with Chainbreaker, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Limited Gravity Manipulation with Chainbreaker (Can attract targets towards his hammer), Martial Arts, Attack Potency: At least Building level physically (Casually curbstomped three Spartans, stronger than the average Brute, who are stronger than Spartans, though it should be noted that said Spartans were wearing armor that was 3 generations out of date, but he should still be in the same league as Master Chief in his Mk7 MJOLNIR), should be at least comparable, if not superior to Fal Chavamee, likely Higher with Chainbreaker (Vastly superior to ordinary gravity hammers that easily flatten Spartans), Speed: Superhuman movement speed with Supersonic combat speed Reactions (Surprised Spartan Red Team), Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 (Much stronger than Spartans), Striking Strength: At least Building Class (Curbstomped Spartan Red Team with ease), Durability: At least Building level physically,  Building level+ with Shields (Completely unfazed by hits from Spartan Red Team, tougher than most Brutes, and Spartans who can survive a shot from the Fuel Rod Cannon.

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