bashful dwarf personality

Friar Tuck | Cass Hamada | He's also shown cockiness about his chances with her because in "Free Teensy," he pops out from behind her and makes a cute face while saying, "She can't get enough of me." Data-Riku | Mufasa (2019) | Yar | Riku | Annette, Collette and Danielle | Prince Naveen | The Commander | "Funny shaped head, goes clear up into the peak of his cap, and he is very sensitive about it, ikeeps his cap on in the house all the time. Susan Johnson | Porthos | Nathaniel | Cassandra | Chance | Christopher Robin (2018) | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games does not enjoy participating in physical confrontations, would flee even the most necessary battle to avoid any form of physical confrontation, is unbelievably stubborn, and will stick with even the most futile action once [his/her] mind is made up, doesn't stick with things if even minor difficulties arise, drops any activity at the slightest hint of difficulty or even the suggestion of effort being required, is completely careless with resources when completing projects, and invariably wastes a lot of time and effort, is not careful with resources when working on projects and often spends unnecessary effort, tends to be a little wasteful when working on projects, tends to be a little tight with resources when working on projects, is stingy with resources on projects and refuses to expend any extra effort, cuts any corners possible when working on a project, regardless of the consequences, rather than wasting effort or resources, revels in chaos and discord, and [he/she] encourages it whenever possible, finds a chaotic mess preferable to the boredom of harmonious living, doesn't mind a little tumult and discord in day-to-day living, can learn Consoler (subject to STOICISM, subject to CRUELTY and SWAYED_BY_EMOTIONS), prefers that everyone live as harmoniously as possible, feels best when everyone gets along without any strife or contention, would be deeply satisfied if everyone could live as one in complete harmony, is quite a bold flatterer, extremely friendly but just a little insufferable, is very friendly and always tries to say nice things to others, is a dyed-in-the-wool quarreler, never missing a chance to lash out in verbal hostility, exhibits a refined politeness and is determined to keep the guiding rules of etiquette and decorum as if life itself depended on it, is very polite and observes appropriate rules of decorum when possible, is very impolite and inconsiderate of propriety, is a vulgar being who does not care a lick for even the most basic rules of civilized living, disdains even the best advice of associates and family, relying strictly on [his/her] own counsel, dislikes receiving advice, preferring to keep [his/her] own counsel, has a tendency to go it alone, without considering the advice of others, tends to ask others for help with difficult decisions, relies on the advice of others during decision making, is unable to make decisions without a great deal of input from others, is utterly fearless when confronted with danger, to the point of lacking common sense, is incredibly brave in the face of looming danger, perhaps a bit foolhardy, is somewhat fearful in the face of imminent danger, has great trouble mastering fear when confronted by danger, is a coward, completely overwhelmed by fear when confronted with danger, presupposes success in any venture requiring [his/her] skills with what could be called blind overconfidence, is extremely confident of [him/her]self in situations requiring [his/her] skills, is generally quite confident of [his/her] abilities when undertaking specific ventures, sometimes acts with little determination and confidence, has no confidence at all in [his/her] talent and abilities, is completely wrapped up in [his/her] own appearance, abilities and other personal matters, is greatly pleased by [his/her] own looks and accomplishments, is pleased by [his/her] own appearance and talents, is not inherently proud of [his/her] talents and accomplishments, takes no pleasure in [his/her] talents and appearance, could not care less about [his/her] appearance, talents or other personal vanities, has a relentless drive, completely consumed by ambition, is very ambitious, always looking for a way to better [his/her] situation, is not driven and rarely feels the need to pursue even a modest success, unerringly returns favors and has a profound sense of gratitude for the kind actions of others, feels a strong need to reciprocate any favor done for [him/her], is grateful when others help [him/her] out and tries to return favors, takes offered help and gifts without feeling particularly grateful, accepts favors without developing a sense of obligation, preferring to act as the current situation demands, does not feel the slightest need to reciprocate favors that others do for [him/her], no matter how major the help or how much [he/she] needed it, always presents [him/her]self as extravagantly as possible, displaying a magnificent image to the world, likes to present [him/her]self boldly, even if it would offend an average sense of modesty, doesn't mind wearing something special now and again, prefers to present [him/her]self modestly, presents [him/her]self modestly and frowns on any flashy accoutrements, cleaves to an austere lifestyle, disdaining even minor immodesties in appearance, finds something humorous in everything, no matter how serious or inappropriate, is vengeful and never forgets or forgives past grievances, has little time for forgiveness and will generally seek retribution, does not generally seek retribution for past wrongs, is absorbed in delusions of self-importance, thinks [he/she] is fairly important in the grand scheme of things, is completely convinced of [his/her] own worthlessness, is deliberately cruel to those unfortunate enough to be subject to [his/her] sadism, generally acts impartially and is rarely moved to mercy, always acts with mercy and compassion at the forefront of [his/her] considerations, pursues matters with a single-minded focus, often overlooking other matters, generally acts with a narrow focus on the current activity, can occasionally lose focus on the matter at hand, is a complete scatterbrain, unable to focus on a single matter for more than a passing moment, has such a developed sense of optimism that [he/she] always assumes the best outcome will eventually occur, no matter what, generally finds [him/her]self quite hopeful about the future, tends to assume the worst of two outcomes will be the one that comes to pass, despairs of anything positive happening in the future and lives without feelings of hope, is implacably curious, without any respect for propriety or privacy, is very curious, sometimes to [his/her] detriment, isn't particularly curious about the world, is incurious and never seeks out knowledge or information to satisfy [him/her]self, tends to consider what others think of [him/her], is not particularly interested in what others think of [him/her], is generally unhindered by the thoughts of others concerning [his/her] actions, is shameless, absolutely unfazed by the thoughts of others, is private to the point of paranoia, unwilling to reveal even basic information about [him/her]self, tends to share [his/her] own experiences and thoughts with others, is not a private person and freely shares details of [his/her] life, shares intimate details of life without sparing a thought to repercussions or propriety, is obsessed with details and will often take a great deal of extra time to make sure things are done the right way, is inattentive to detail in [his/her] own work, is frustratingly sloppy and careless with every task [he/she] sets to carry out, is completely closed-minded and never changes [his/her] mind after forming an initial idea, is intellectually stubborn, rarely changing [his/her] mind during a debate regardless of the merits, tends to be a bit stubborn in changing [his/her] mind about things, doesn't cling tightly to ideas and is open to changing [his/her] mind, often finds [him/her]self changing [his/her] mind to agree with somebody else, easily changes [his/her] mind and will generally go with the prevailing view on anything, is not bothered in the slightest by deviations from the norm or even extreme differences in lifestyle or appearance, is very comfortable around others that are different from [him/her], is quite comfortable with others that have a different appearance or culture, is somewhat uncomfortable around those that appear unusual or live differently from [him/her], is made deeply uncomfortable by differences in culture or appearance, cannot tolerate differences in culture, lifestyle or appearance, is emotionally obsessive, forming life-long attachments even if they aren't reciprocated, forms strong emotional bonds with others, at times to [his/her] detriment, has a tendency toward forming deep emotional bonds with others, tends to form only tenuous emotional bonds with others, forms only fleeting and rare emotional bonds with others, does not have feelings of emotional attachment and has never felt even a moment's connection with another being, is buffeted by others' emotions and can't help but to respond to them, tends to be swayed by the emotions of others, tends not to be swayed by emotional appeals, does not generally respond to emotional appeals, is truly fulfilled by assisting those in need, finds helping others very emotionally rewarding, finds helping others emotionally rewarding, does not go out of [his/her] way to help others, feels helping others is an imposition on [his/her] time, has a profound sense of duty and obligation, dislikes obligations and will try to avoid being bound by them, hates vows, obligations, promises and other binding elements that could restrict [him/her], never deliberates before acting, to the point of being considered thoughtless, can get caught up in internal deliberations when action is necessary, never acts without prolonged deliberation, even to [his/her] own detriment and the harm of those around [him/her], is obsessed with order and structure in [his/her] own life, with everything kept in its proper place. Zeus | So I went for my second favorite dwarf who is Bashful. Phillip Brainard | Goodtime Charlie | Marie | Bashful's shirt and pointed hat both have green yellow and yellow green stripes. Hermes | Snow White in danger, Alena in danger, the rogue camp Mother Cougar | Nala | Doc declares that Snow White will sleep in the bedroom upstairs, and the dwarfs must sleep downstairs. Francis | Granny Rose | Mama Odie | Queen Delightful stops by at The 7D's to find out where the voice came from, and invites Bashful to appear at her annual Jollypalooza concert to replace a singer who was forced to drop out. Toby | Sleepy Sleepy is very lazy. John Darling | Dr. Joshua Sweet | Zero | Ansem the Wise | Mrs. Calloway |

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