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Billy Joe was currently in a rehabilitation facility after undergoing hip replacement surgery when the stroke occurred. Billy Joe Shaver Wasn’t Just a Legend. Billy Joe Shaver has never been a household name, but his songs became country standards during the ’70s and his reputation among musicians and critics hasn’t diminished during the ensuing decades. I HAVE THOSE. He was 81 years old. So glad I saw ol’ Billy Joe a couple times and shake his hand. Dave McAndrew Jerry Jeff Walker’s version of “Old Five and Dimers Like Me” is my favorite version of that song. October 28, 2020 @ Damn 2020 sucks, especially this last week. October 28, 2020 @ His favorite and renowned from NY to TX Sr. English teacher was Mabel Legg who gave me copies of the PJs before her death at 102 and marked Billy Joe’s pieces with a CHECK MARK, because he was too shy to have his name attached. The show I went to the Texas KGB opened, it was in the middle of November. such a humble guy. Shaver wrote songs that were covered by Elvis Presley, Patty Loveless, George Jones, Tex Ritter, Tennessee Ernie Ford and John Anderson. He was always so sweet and accommodating to his fans. They placed Shaver on life support, but he did not make it. RIP Billy Joe, Big Tex October 28, 2020 @ On March, 31st of 2007, Billy Joe Shaver shot Billy Coker with a .22 pistol outside Papa Joe’s Saloon in Lorena, TX, near Waco, claiming self-defense in the shooting after Billy Coker stirred Billy Joe’s drink with a knife, and followed him outside when Shaver left. This one really hurts. October 28, 2020 @ Only time I got to see Billy Joe in concert. Daniele Biggest loss yet of 2020, IMO. Great article Trig. “Finally one night, Captain Midnight whose a friend of mine, a disc jockey there, very popular guy, he managed to get me into a session of Waylon’s, and Waylon didn’t like me because he’d run every time he’d see me. It was then that he decided to teach himself guitar, and aspired to become a songwriter. The state’s seven-day average testing positivity rate is up to 6.9%, its highest point since June 2. This is devastating. CountryKnight The heart and soul of the songs and words of the American country music Outlaw movement has passed on. October 28, 2020 @ October 28, 2020 @ He was 81. I went to Papa Joe’s this Spring and it was like a pilgrimage. ... where he lost most of two fingers. I guess it wasn’t working too well. 2020, a truly awful year. Saw him in Lexington in 96. Billy Joe Shaver should have been named Poet Laureate of Texas. And honky tonk heroes like Billy Joe. 8:17 pm. 8:13 am. RIP BJS. Probably very few but they all weep when some rock or metal star dies. One of the greatest songwriters to ever live. It was the wife’s birthday and Billy gave her a signed copy of his book as a gift. All Rights Reserved. October 29, 2020 @ Diffie, Kenny Rogers, John Prine , Jerry Jeff, Johnny Bush, Charlie Daniels, now Shaver? RedDirtCyclone I literally sang it while I read it. Don’t get stories like that anymore. The Beaumonts opened, right? I remember people slowly leaving because Billy Joe outplayed them all. Taylor October 28, 2020 @ 1:09 pm. His numerous Little Darlin records were absolutely done his way. Billy Joe Shaver, with only three fingers on his right hand and an 8th grade education, left an indelible mark on country music that will never be worn down. Not nearly as famous as Willie or Waylon, Billy Joe Shaver was nonetheless the heartbeat of the country music Outlaw movement, making his plainspoken language soar with hillbilly wisdom and elegy that will live forever. 10:05 am. October 28, 2020 @ 1:38 am. He was down at Green Gables, a hawkin’ them tables 9:49 pm, Wow what terrible news! Only an “eighth grade education?” That’s BULL****!! Dogit October 28, 2020 @ There weren’t another other way to be Great concert and quite a character. Billy Joe Shaver, with only three fingers on his left hand and an 8th grade education, left an indelible mark on country music that will never be worn down. I am crushed man. Same here. Know about breaking news as it happens. He was a one of a kind character… ornery and kind, a pioneer of the genre I love. 6:39 pm. First planning to hitchhike to L.A., but unable to find a ride West, he instead took a trip east, which led him to Memphis, and eventually Nashville, where he signed on as a songwriter, making $50 a week.Shaver landed cuts for Bobby Bare and others in his early days in Nashville, but getting his songs recorded by Waylon Jennings was Shaver’s big break. Billy Joe Shaver’s son Eddy was also an accomplished and renown musician and guitar player, who comprised the backbone of Billy Joe’s touring band, and co-wrote one of Shaver’s signature songs, “Live Forever.” When Eddy died of a drug overdose in 2000 at the age of 38, Billy Joe Shaver reaffirmed his religion. 10:24 am. "It’s the complete randomness of this. Billy Joe Shaver performed at the Grand Ole Opry in 1999. He was dating a gal that worked at the school with me (he dated her for about a week). A “true son of freedom”- I’ve been singing and playing that since Willie made the video- then I saw/listened to Billy Joe do it and BOOM! 9:03 am, the pistolero What a terrible week. A Zoom panel discussion hosted by the Chicago History Museum feature local experts discussing the provocative horror series. Man. Until he was 12, he spent a great deal of time with his grandmother in Corsicana so that his mother could work in Waco. Shaver faced up to 20 years in prison if he was found guilty for aggravated assault. I just this on Twitter and headed here first. Shaver … October 28, 2020 @ 8:58 am. October 28, 2020 @ He was also the subject of an episode of the Mike Judge-produced Tales From The Tour Bus series. Despite the inference in his song “I’ve Been To Georgia On A Fast Train,” Billy Joe Shaver actually attended school beyond the 8th grade, specifically LaVega High School in Bellmead ,and wrote for the high school’s literary annual, The Pirate’s Jewels. Didn’t think that only a few days later Billy Joe Shaver would die too. Piano roll blues, danced holes in his shoes It’s just all so milquetoast when you compare it to Billy Joe. This is awful Billy Joe Shaver was an amazing man and artist and this crappy year has stolen another legend from us. That Waylon story is classic. Though stories had Shaver saying to Billy Coker, “Where do you want it?” before shooting him, Billy Joe claims he said to Coker, “Why do you want to do this?” Nonetheless, the story became legend, and Dale Watson wrote a song called “Where Do You Want It?” first recorded by Whitey Morgan, and later by Dale as well, furthering Billy Joe’s legend. I first met Billy Joe summer of ’03. There are no adequate words. God Bless Ya. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Colorado Kool Aid would never got recorded on Chet Atkins watch, let alone today where it would offend the delicate sensibility of most “music journalists.”, Matsfan/Jatsfan 3 on the country chart. The both combined to make the foundations of the Outlaw movement. Billy Joe Shaver, outlaw country artist, dies at 81, IHSA defies Gov. 6:21 pm, “When Eddy died of a drug overdose in 2000 at the age of 38, Billy Joe Shaver found religion.”. October 28, 2020 @ He performed on the Grand Ole Opry in 1999, was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006, and sings the theme song for the Adult Swim animated comedy, Squidbillies. The Texan outlaw country singer and songwriter Billy Joe Shaver has died. But the time I went to college, I was a huge Waylon fan. One of his favorite phrases became, “If you don’t love Jesus, you can go to hell.” He recorded a gospel album in 2007 called Everybody’s Brother with Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Tanya Tucker, and others joining him for duets. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. TwangBob He sometimes accompanied his mother to her job at a local nightclub, where he began to be exposed to country music. I admittedly shed a few tears. My life would not have the same without this masterpiece. October 28, 2020 @ 3:30 pm, The reference to Billy Joe Shaver’s “8th Grade education” was a tip of the hat to the famous line in one of his signature songs, “I’ve Been To Georgia On A Fast Train.”. There was nothing like a Billie Joe show. 5:50 pm. damn 2020 is the worst! We follow the stories and update you as they develop. It was fantastic. October 28, 2020 @ His impact on country music will “Live Forever.”. Billy Joe Shaver performed at the Grand Ole Opry in 1999. Shaver was looked after primarily by his grandmother until he was 12, when he would regularly accompany his mother at the nightclub she worked at. Also, he had a wind-up watch that he kept fiddling with. CountryKnight Willie Nelson remained a long-time friend and champion of Billy Joe Shaver, cutting numerous of his songs throughout the years. His heart was as big as Texas. He loved Seattle and was telling me how fucked up he got with his band the night before. 12:53 pm. Shaver was born in Corsicana, Texas, and raised by his mother, Victory Watson Shaver, his father Virgil having left the family before Billy Joe was born. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? I’ve always considered Bobby Bare and Kris Kristofferson as the “Original Outlaws.” Bare was the first to win creative freedom over his music and the opportunity to record the songs he wanted, and with his band, championing Shel Silverstein similar to how Waylon championed Shaver, which inspired Willie and Waylon to fight for the same.

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