boy better know lyrics

Stand firm and defend my team Run like an athlete I don't rob man no more, but I'll still take man's shine You niggas know I'm number 1 Catch him put him in the backseat To those who don't know me hello Moesh every day like say it was Friday I'm one of them, I'm one of them, I'm one of them I'm one of them Boy wanna know what Boy Better Know means [Verse 1: Frisco] Life's way too short get paid boss Now my views freeze like I'm in the matrix Salut But they can't kill a Locust Run like an athlete [Verse 3: Wiley] So it's the same old questions, the guns, gangs the manor Quit smoking about 5 times last week We bring the vibe we hate to be fair Never hate on shit that you ain't got I had the ladies gassed I ain't looking for a number 1 Keep up stop moving s-low Fuck it, he ain't gonna do me nuttin' [Pre-Chorus: Skepta] Look at the face it's peak Everybody claims that they're doing this ting Everybody puttin' in work and you got bare excuses Parle vous francais? [Intro] North London grew up on a hot block, manna' say my bars are top notch So man are gonna shine right now Catch him put him in the backseat, So much food at the table why you wanna act like Judas, North London grew up on a hot block, manna' say my bars are top notch, It's not a mix CD if it ain't got "Them Man There", "Man Don't Care" and "Shutdown" on it. I get love in the east and the west It's just money on the line right now Demolish MCs I'm known for that Je m'appelle J M E Us man roll with 25 gyal We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Run like an athlete I do this ting, them man are in training Backstage looking all hotboxed, we got the ravers buzzing When man said run like an athlete fam you better run fast 'cause man can run Listening to an instrumental thinking of words that rhyme Run like an athlete I'm in an Uber, sat in the backseat They ain't racial Feed him to the lions Tie your lace, fix your face, I'm your fitness instructor My crew are the waviest here Fuck a hater. 6 million ways to make it but I'm gonna make it my way And I won't stop until they realise that I'm the hardest of all time Back then man couldn't get a rave spot Same old guys gettin up to the same shit Let me show you around this jungle like Baloo Put him in the backseat Take my eyeball out, go blind when I write bars I put the I in grime Black like the tarmac on the black road New year's eve I can say I had a great year I've been waiting, fuck waiting Like skeppy said "You man are working your arse off Forget the guns, forget the knives I'm killing off anything moving, fuck with me darg 'Til then I'll be sitting in my house with a big spliff watching Babestation Daytime You've been looking for a hit since MySpace Over-time, stamina Once upon a time yeah you could call this a race He was like, "Fam, amazing" I told pussyoles don't sleep on me Ask double and foots if us man are 'ard He can find out what the 4 5th do Late nights in the studio putting in bare work Talking bars we bring the pepper Feed him to the lions If you ain't heard of me, hello You know what time it is Boy Better Know Yo There'll never gonna be a day when Jamie's quitted More like he see me in a fitted If you diss me I'll get you when you're yawning Boy Better Know When Jamie's about Boy Better Know When Jamie shouts BOY BETTER KNOW! That's why its our music they're plugging Run like an athlete You call it a Boy Better Know Chain, I call it 10 years on the grind Started to think positive and left the negative behind Been to jail on remand in foreign countries, don't tell me shit about crime I don't rob man no more, but I'll still take man's shine Boy Better Know. Man try jump on the wave, they hate so much 'till it's hurting Put him in the backseat When I drive my black car you know it zaps, [Verse 2: Jammer] Chase man around and hop over fences, man's greyhounding It's not a mix CD if it ain't got "Them Man There", "Man Don't Care" and "Shutdown" on it Nobody can cross it, rise up the ting and clart it Put him in the backseat Run like an athlete Move humble, the road's where you catch me Fuck it feed him to the lions So many Boy Better Know hits out there I'll jam in my yard fuck coming out Now they wanna trick or treat on me Us man are major, got big plans Let me show you around this jungle Run rings around a block of houses, run a man down like T-1000 Trust me I run down Sonic

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