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[18], Chrono Trigger features standard role-playing video game gameplay. Read more about it in the, There are no more reviews that match the filters set above, Adjust the filters above to see other reviews.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. [95][96][97], The game was a bestseller in Japan.

But instead, all that I have learned in these 13 years allows me to compose something much more intricate. Between battles, a player can equip their characters with weapons, armor, helmets, and accessories that provide special effects (such as increased attack power or defense against magic), and various consumable items can be used both in and out of battles. [168] Radical Dreamers was consequently removed from the series' main continuity, considered an alternate dimension. [184], Quotations related to Chrono Trigger at Wikiquote, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. For better or for worse, I think it would be extremely difficult to create something as "powerful" as I did 13 years ago today. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). [22] The fiercely confident Ayla dwells in 65,000,000 BC. The incident sent him forward through time, and as he ages, he plots revenge against Lavos and broods over the fate of his sister, Schala. [167] Presenting a theme of parallel worlds, the story followed the protagonist Serge—a teenage boy thrust into an alternate reality in which he died years earlier. [10] The first two million copies sold in Japan were delivered in only two months,[125] and the game ended 1995 as the third best-selling game of the year behind Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. These new dungeons met with mixed reviews; GameSpot called them "frustrating" and "repetitive", while IGN noted that "the extra quests in the game connect extremely well. after receiving the news from Square Enix and maintaining, "it's still a very deep, very high-quality game even when you play it today. Marle walks around the Millennial Fair alone, finding Ayla, Robo, and Frog at the site of Leene's bell. Popular user-defined tags for this product: To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Research in AD 1000 tells the party about Magus summoning Lavos into the world in 600 AD, but Frog needs to reforge the legendary sword, Masamune, to open the way to Magus's castle.

[111] Electronic Gaming Monthly gave it their "Game of the Month" award, with their four reviewers praising the graphics, story, and music. [22] Lavos, the game's main antagonist who awakens and ravages the world in AD 1999, is an extraterrestrial, parasitic creature that harvests DNA and the Earth's energy for its own growth. Magus's seclusion conceals a long-lost past; he was formerly known as Janus, the young prince of the Kingdom of Zeal, which was destroyed by Lavos in 12,000 BC. The results are highly triggering, and comical at times.

[2] In a New Game +, the group can explore several temporal distortions to combat shadow versions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca, and to fight Dalton, who promises in defeat to raise an army in the town of Porre to destroy the Kingdom of Guardia. [7] Hironobu Sakaguchi suggested he score Chrono Trigger, remarking, "maybe your salary will go up. The group turns to Gaspar for help, and he gives them a "Chrono Trigger," an egg-shaped device that allows the group to replace Crono just before the moment of death with a Dopple Doll (doing so is optional, and the game's ending will change depending on the player's decision in this matter).

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Super Mario Bros. Two Player Hack Editing, Very well polished hack with great custom features. [9] The game was met with substantial success upon release in North America, and its rerelease on the PlayStation as part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles package topped the NPD TRSTS PlayStation sales charts for over six weeks. "[48] Mitsuda composed new music and drew on a personal collection of pieces composed over the previous two years. [39] The game's testers had previously complained that Chrono Trigger was too difficult; as Horii explained, "It's because we know too much. [127] Other reviewers (such as the staff of RPGFan and RPGamer) have criticized the game's short length and relative ease compared to its peers. But sadly, I emailed Square Enix a couple years ago asking if there were any plans to port Chrono Trigger to the Gameboy Advance and the response I got was a no, they're working on too many projects. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. The story takes place in many different time periods ranging from the pre-historic days to the end of time. [84] An iOS version was released on December 8, 2011.

[39] Concerning story planning, Horii commented, "If there's a fairground, I just write that there's a fairground; I don't write down any of the details. [8] Chrono Trigger was the third best-selling game of 1995 in Japan,[9] and shipped 2.65 million copies worldwide by March 2003. [1] Masato Kato also contributed character ideas and designs. Lots of players didn't figure out things we thought they'd get easily. Square Enix released Chrono Trigger without an announcement for Microsoft Windows via Steam on February 27, 2018. [69] It went on to receive a perfect score of 10 out 10 on IGN. [165], Square released a fourth Satellaview game in 1996, named Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Chrono Trigger's gameplay deviates from that of traditional Japanese RPGs in that, rather than appearing in random encounters, many enemies are openly visible on field maps or lie in wait to ambush the party. [59] A few months prior to the game's release, Square shipped a beta version to magazine reviewers and game stores for review. Lucca realizes that this time period's kingdom has mistaken Marle— actually Princess Nadia of Guardia— for Queen Leene, an ancestor of hers who had been kidnapped, thus putting off the recovery effort for her ancestor and creating a grandfather paradox. So here, with this re-release of a title still rightly argued as perhaps the very best video game ever made, it feels right to call this chapter closed. [75] The added features include a more accurate and revised translation by Tom Slattery, a dual-screen mode which clears the top screen of all menus, a self-completing map screen, and a default "run" option. If Crono was resurrected before defeating Lavos, his sentence for kidnapping Marle is revoked by her father, King Guardia XXXIII, thanks to testimonies from Marle's ancestors and descendants, whom Crono had helped during his journey. When a newly developed teleportation device malfunctions at the Millennial Fair, young Crono must travel through time to rescue his misfortunate companion from an intricate web of past and present perils in Square's beloved RPG Chrono Trigger. [145] In 2012, it came 32nd place on GamesRadar's "100 best games of all time" list,[146] and 1st place on its "Best JRPGs" list. The characters frequently travel through time to obtain allies, gather equipment, and learn information to help them in their quest.

And for those who are mad at me for putting the games on my PSP, I do own the real versions for PSX, and Super Nintendo, AND in Japanese too.

[151][152][153], Chrono Trigger inspired several related releases; the first were three games released for the Satellaview on July 31, 1995. [41] Kamata made the game's luminosity and color choice lay between that of Secret of Mana and the Final Fantasy series. A cellphone version was released in Japan on i-mode distribution service on August 25, 2011. ソフト カタログ!! Weekly Famicom Tsūshin. From TV Animation - One Piece: Grand Battle! This version is based on the Nintendo DS version, with graphics optimized for iOS. [2] Kato also devised the system of multiple endings because he could not branch the story out to different paths. ", "Square: Obsidian Would Like To Work On Chrono Trigger", "Square: Obsidian wants to make Chrono Trigger", "Final Fantasy XIII-2: remaking FF7, Kinect RPGs and killing the "girly" feel".

[51] Mitsuda encouraged feedback about the game's soundtrack from contemporary children (who he thought would expect "full symphonic scores blaring out of the speakers"). [37] The team hoped to release it on Nintendo's planned Super Famicom Disk Drive; when Nintendo canceled the project, Square reoriented the game for release on a Super Famicom cartridge and rebranded it as Chrono Trigger. [46] A short, text-based game relying on minimal graphics and atmospheric music, the game never received an official release outside Japan—though it was translated by fans to English in April 2003. Items and equipment can be purchased in shops or found on field maps, often in treasure chests. [45] The port was released in North America in 2001—along with a newly translated version of Final Fantasy IV—as Final Fantasy Chronicles.

The party eventually acquires a time-machine vehicle known as the Wings of Time, nicknamed the Epoch (this default name can be changed by the player when the vehicle is acquired).

[49] In 1999, Square produced another one-disc soundtrack to complement the PlayStation release of Trigger, featuring orchestral tracks used in cut scenes. [40] Yasuhiko Kamata programmed graphics, and cited Ridley Scott's visual work in the film Alien as an inspiration for the game's lighting. Atari 7800; Atari Lynx; Atari Jaguar; Playstation; Arcade; Other. [144] Nintendo Power's twentieth anniversary issue named it the fifth best Super NES game. [173] Director Takashi Tokita mentioned "Chrono Trigger 2" in a 2003 interview which has not been translated to English. Enter up to 375 characters to add a description to your widget: Copy and paste the HTML below into your website to make the above widget appear.

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