diana cavendish

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Diana's birthday of April 30th coincides with the Germanic festival of Walpurgisnacht, or. She and Akko study the collected memory with the Pensieve, learning what happened between Mickey and Gruntilda's meeting. Preserve her family's legacy. While Diana still maintains a strict and rivalrous demeanor around Akko, she has become more open-minded to Akko's decisions, and she becomes extremely worried when Akko endangers herself, losing her calm demeanor and yelling at anyone who may be hurting Akko. "Cavendish" can also be interpreted as a joke on her characteristic blonde and green hair, as Cavendish is a common strain of bananas that were popularized in Britain. Laura Post Diana agrees to go in the hopes they will spare the school, but when Akko insists on coming along, Diana turns her into a mouse. In Sucy, You Shrunk Me!, Diana is visited by Team Akko one morning, and is shocked to learn that Akko had been shrunken by Sucy's potion. The film starring Claire Foy focuses on Diana and her husband Robin (played by … Michiru Kagemori | Aurora Uno then acknowledges Diana's team and accepts their request for a serious fight. 168cm (5'6") Diana can perform the extremely complicated Nullification Spell to negate any kind of magic which is part of the powerful Fusion Magic, which can enhance the user's power on her spells. Later, Sector LN have a picnic, during which Diana remarks Hannah and Barbara's cowardice. Diana takes Akko to her room to have her wash herself in her sink. Hair Color: Diana shrinks a spare set of clothes for Akko to wear, then tries to catch the tiny girl when she refuses to wear shoes, only to give up. The meaning of the name "Cavendish" is "Cafna's pasture", derived from the Old English pre 7th Century personal name "Cafna", itself from "Caf", meaning "bold, daring", plus "edisc", meaning "enclosure or pasture". Diana makes Akko promise to be more careful, and Akko begins teasing Diana about loving her. The real-life inspiration for the new film “Breathe,” Diana Cavendish, attended a screening Monday. Diana is a beautiful witch with blonde hair with green highlights and blue eyes. Diana dislikes her rebellious nature and her demeanor, while Amanda hates her arrogance and the way she looks down on her. Despite being British, in the English dub, she lacks an actual British accent, having more of a mixed accent instead. 1 She and Robert John Graham Boothby, 1st and last Baron Boothby … Diana agrees to help make Anaid a growth ray to restore her normal size, and she tries to tell Anaid to have more belief in herself in what her skills are. Akko then proposes they visit the Negaverse, and Diana agrees. Atsuko Kagari (As of "Cavendish") Lotte Jansson Sucy Manbavaran. In the past, Akko and Diana had a strong rivalry and dislike for one-another, due to their opposite origins and opposite levels of skill and knowledge. She admits that, because of the way they praise Diana, she wanted to keep proving herself as the top student and not disappoint them, but she knows that she can rely on the two if she is in deep trouble. Age: Diana was born from a 1500-year old family of witches that both have a large influence in the magical world and access to knowledge even the faculty of Luna Nova does not know. Powers/Skills Diana Cavendish/Amanda O'Neill (24) Atsuko "Akko" Kagari/Sucy Manbavaran (19) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (372) Romance (126) Angst (122) Alternate Universe (100) Slow Burn (72) Dianakko Week (72) Hurt/Comfort (70) One Shot (67) Other Additional Tags to Be Added (54) Humor (53) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers.

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