does finn die in the 100 season 1 episode 11

When Elijah tried to burn the bullet, Finn caught it above the fire, desperately holding onto his last chance to be free of being a vampire, now that he was trapped in that body forever. He is also not afraid to tell people how he feels about them, people such as Rachel, Jesse, or Santana.

He then sings Keep Holding On to her with the rest of New Directions, both Finn and Quinn on the verge of tears. Early in his life, before he became a vampire, Finn was the most obedient of the Mikaelson children. Quinn confronts him about the news. Finn then joyously told them to begin the dinner. Before anymore punches can be thrown, Artie intervenes and diffuses the situation, since Azimio and Karofsky claim it is against their moral codes to hit anyone in a wheelchair. He also promises to do his best to stay away from Rachel. (I Do, Finn was in the choir room when Will had assigned the glee club 'Movies' as their assignments and mash-up. Finn goes into his dorm and surprisingly bumps into Puck, who verifies himself as his new roommate. The scene flashbacks with Finn and Rachel in an empty room, making posters, and talking about artists, Rachel explains that they were photocopying the posters in order to not do the assembly. Finn is the second child and eldest son of Mikael and Esther.

Supernatural information Rather than let him wait until it was out of his system, they had Klaus come home to heal Finn with his blood. During their car ride, Finn tried to get Elijah to understand what it felt like to be daggered in a coffin for centuries, saying it was far worse than being daggered for decades. When she expresses this sentiment to Finn, he's in disbelief that she would actually be happy he's feeling bad about himself. He also opens doors for her so she can avoid germs. After the death of her sister Jean Sylvester, Finn along with Kurt decide to reach out for Sue and offer their help in any possible way (since they both lost someone they care about, they know how hard it is to deal with her loss) . Devastated, he bemoans his lack of talent and worries that he will be stuck in Lima forever.

Finn is then seen returning Rachel's call and quickly apologizes to her for brutally attacking Brody, but Rachel gives him gratitude and asks him about his life in college. Finn suggests Grease, which everyone agrees to.

Esther placed a curse on Klaus to prevent him from becoming a true hybrid, as that would make him invulnerable to what harms both vampires and werewolves. Over time Finn believed her to be dead, and he never got along with his younger siblings as good as his beloved older sister.
Stefan spiked the drinks they ordered from Matt with vervain in order to lure them outside so he could follow them and try to kill them with the white oak stakes.

(2009), Sue Sylvester, now Vice President of the United States of America, renames the McKinley High auditorium the Finn Hudson Auditorium in his honor. On their way home from the bar, Finn asks Rachel what is going on with Brody, and she admits to kissing him, while Blaine admits to Kurt that he cheated on him.

Kurt says he has and that he and Finn recently talked, Kurt reassuring Rachel that Finn's just giving her space cause he loves her. Does Raven need to ease up on Clarke? This is the last time he is seen in Season Three. In An Old Friend Calls, Finn was resurrected in his true form as an Original Vampire by Freya, as a way to mend the family's broken relationship.

When Davina stepped out for a moment, Finn accused Kol of stalling, telling him if he didn't hurry it along, they'd get the information Finn's way. This marks the reconciliation of Mr. Schuester and Finn's relationship as they give each other a hug.

Esther and Finn linking all the Originals together.

(Furt), After Sectionals, Finn and Rachel talk, and realize that they both love each other and can get past the lie. After finding out that Matt transferred and Glee is now one member short of the required twelve, the Glee Club decides to actively recruit new members. Three years in the making, forget about everything else. Klaus later mentions that he was the only one being a victim to Mikael's abuse while his brothers Finn, Elijah and Kol were not. He enthusiastically begins a performance of Stayin' Alive saying he wants to strut. His plaque of him is looked at by several character to change their mindsets on Glee, with Will as a primary example. During all the celebrations, Finn and Quinn share a smile. Quinn tries to say it was her first steps, but Finn sees through it. When the Glee Girls find out about the fight, they are shocked that this went down without Finn, since he's Kurt's future Step Brother and because he's the leader of Glee.

That night after a romantic dinner, Finn and Rachel kiss by the fire, but Finn stops them from going any further and asks why Rachel why she wants to have sex so soon.

Finn is then disappointed to see Mr. Schuester arrive to talk to him, when he apologizes, and persuades him to return to Glee Club to help him, Finn denies his offer and continues on with the party. He then says a monologue about his father, and how "For some bizarre reason" Rachel let him love her.

The 100 Facebook.

(Makeover). After Rachel learns about the medicine, Finn gets confronted by her in the hallway about it. Finn and Rachel singing Borderline/Open Your Heart. Finn quickly puts Artie in his place when he makes a suggestive comment about Rachel's appearance. When Finn is at Rachel's he thanks her for helping him with the hairography stuff. Finn was seen wearing dress shirts covered by gray dress coats, keeping an air of aristocracy about him though not to the extent of Elijah's dress style. When they discovered a caravan filled with fine clothing belonging to victims they had just killed, Rebekah suggested they steal the clothes and pose as the victims since they were heading to a nearby castle. Finn then joins his siblings at the stairs while Elijah speaks for his family. Finn then attempts to have sex with Sue. Rachel, takes this to heart and says that she has to tell him something.

As Finn is putting his books away at his locker, Quinn approaches to congratulate him on being reinstated on the football team.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Finn learned that Freya was abducted by Lucien, who had been secretly plotting the downfall of their family for a thousand years. The three tell Finn and Will that they are feuding and to stop it, give the co-directors an assignment to resolve their conflicts by drawing on music from famous artists known for their feuds.

Puck, with Finn no longer around to point him in the right direction, decides to join the army in his honor, and Sue plants a tree where she first caught him making out with Quinn. Blaine and Kurt also have a confrontation, with Kurt rejecting Blaine's appeal because he doesn't trust him anymore.

Remembering that Sam was worried about the effect Glee would have on his reputation, Finn confronts Kurt, begging him to reconsider partnering with Sam.

Elijah reminded them that there was one white oak bullet left out there so they would all have to remain inside the compound together until it was found and their safety was secured. Esther then used Finn's blood to link him together with his siblings. When she and Kurt decide life is too short, they begin to rebel, leading Kurt to get a tattoo. Finn met Sage nine hundred years prior to the start of The Vampire Diaries and the two of them fell in love with each other. Then later on, Finn was neutralized through Kol who was daggered by Alaric Saltzman. Finn is irritated by Rachel wanting him to quit the team. Will tells him cryptically, You Can't Always Get What You Want and leaves his car keys behind. Despite Jesse's input, Finn, as the Glee club leader, made the call for Glee club to help Sue planning the funeral. Finn's coffin alongside Kol's during the Originals' arrival in New Orleans. In Alone with Everybody, Finn went to the compound to speak to the family about his intentions now that he had returned. Elijah was quick to remind his siblings of their vow to remain together always and forever. Ironically, Quinn ended up having sex with Noah Puckerman when he got her drunk on wine coolers and seduced her, resulting in her becoming pregnant.

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