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Greater Portland Bus (207) 774-0351 www.gpmetrobus.net. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other! Phonetic Alphabet: a way of giving a letter without it sounding like another letter; for example A=”Alpha” or “Adam”, B=”Bravo” or “Boy”, etc. Clearance Codes: these are the codes used when clearing a call; again, every agency or dispatch center has a different set of clearance codes; sometimes expressed as a letter-number combination (such as Willy-2, or X-ray 1, etc) or as a single letter (J or C, etc) or as a 10-code, or as a 12-code, or any other way that agencies clear their calls. Newark/NYC Find free movies, free concerts, free festivals and more free things to do, whether you're a resident or a visitor. Code 4: “everything’s ok” or “we’re fine”, sometimes a 10-code will supplant it since not every agency uses the same terminology or even the same 10-code; usually used when being status checked by dispatch or another unit. Office: (207) 756-8173 Email: [email protected]. Portland/Vanc/Salem Emerg. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as making an emergency supply kit and developing a family emergency plan, can be used in any type of emergency whether man-made or natural. Report Information to Dispatch to be sent to the Neighborhood You Live in or city wide through PDX EmComm! Welcome!! more about being involved with the IMAS system, receiving alerts and using this system for neighborhood watch group purposes and general notifications. Since we do most of our work on Twitter, we tend to monitor that account most often. @pdxalerts – We post live alerts of current police & fire incidents in the Portland, OR, Metro area. W/ No updates except Major incidents. Alerts range from wildfires, severe winter storms, and other emergencies happening in your area. Traffic Alerts, School lockdown/lockouts, Major Fire calls, Crime incidents. These are just some of the basic alerts sent out to you. Don't buy tickets without checking here first! To see the contents of this page, you need to enable JavaScript. Report information here to be documented and/ or sent to the appropriate location as an alert, (As a MEMBER, Your Information is kept confidential. Cell: (207) 272-4898 (207) 772-6587www.greyhound.com, Zachary Sundquist, Assistant Airport Director Commonly used 10-codes and 12-codes used in the Portland Metro Area are: 10-4: I understand or have received your radio transmission, or “yes”, 10-8: On duty and/or available for radio calls, 10-9: Please repeat your radio transmission, or I didn’t understand your radio transmission, 10-19: I’m at the station or “in quarters”, 12-34: has or is having a mental health problem. … On October 19, 2020, at 7:31 p.m., Portland Police Bureau officers from East Precinct responded to the 3500 block of Southeast 122nd Ave on an assault call. Crash/Accident: interchangeable terms used to describe an event in which some object strikes or hits another object; some people really care about which term is used… pdxalerts does not. Chicago Discover free yoga, fitness classes, sports events and discounts on recreation in the Portland area. Sign up for the free Portland on the Cheap email newsletter so you never miss a deal in Portland. • Active involvement with members • Up to the date information • Respect given to ALL, • IMAS System • PEG Radio System • Community members. We provide Emergency communications to groups, Enhanced Incident Alerts to the community, *Website is updated daily check back for new content*, Portland NET team Two way radio FRS channel allocations in the event of an earthquake emergencyPDX Emergency Communications is a civil emergency preparedness organization ran & supported by. For those with flights scheduled in the next 24 hours, please contact the airline directly to reschedule or see below for alternative transportation options. Alert: Aging & Disability Services East Branch, 600 NE 8th Street, Rm 100, in Gresham will be closed for onsite services Thursday, Oct. 28. Thankfully, there are free emergency alert systems available throughout the Portland metro area and beyond that keep residents informed during emergencies. Together we are building community one neighborhood at a time!! Status Check: a term used by dispatchers, supervisors, and officers when trying to figure out whether a unit is still on scene, is ok, or needs assistance. Also, when activated, Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages are transmitted to both TV and radio (an audible tone followed by voice instruction or scrolling text). Here are some ways to receive information from local authorities, agencies and businesses. In REAL TIME! For your average person, the terminology used by emergency workers can be about as cryptic as ancient Sumerian. Copyrighted. Code 1: respond at normal traffic speed; no lights or sirens; you get there when you get there. © 2020 Portland Living on the Cheap. Code 3: respond lights and siren; moving at a generally high rate of speed but while still exercising due caution for the public; assistance needed now; this is generally the fastest response. © 2020 | Multnomah County General Information Line: 503.823.4000, Property Records (including tax statements), Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Commissioner Vega Pederson (District Three). Have more fun for less money. These original shirts feature a tweet that might just about sum up living in Portland, Oregon: “, This shirt features our current 2018 logo and shows “. Get half-price tickets for theater, comedy, sports, fine arts and more. You can purchase an NOAA Weather Radio, which can be customized to your county and the types of weather events you want to be alerted to. Call: an incident in which officers/medics/fire are dispatched to, Shots Fired: bullets fired from a firearm of some type, Bullet Strikes or Strikes: evidence that a bullet has hit an object, Casings: expended bullet casings or shells, Machete: the weapon of choice of many of Portland’s homeless population, ETOH: the abbreviated term for ethyl alcohol or ethanol, or consumable alcohol, or more commonly known as “hooch” or “booze” or “how a @pdxalert reporter spends their time off some days”, ECIT: Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team – Usually it’s an officer (Portland Police Bureau) who has received specialized training in working with clients who have or are having a mental health crisis but is still in a uniformed and patrol position, these officers are usually tasked with responding to calls involving mental health in addition to their regular patrol duties, BHU: Behavioral Health Unit – a specialized unit that only handles mental health calls and is usually a non-uniformed officer paired with a mental health professional, Project Respond: a mobile mental health crisis response team that works in Multnomah County and the City of Portland and responds to mental health crisis that don’t necessarily warrant a uniformed officer response, Mobile Field Force (MFF): Portland Police Officers that usually work regular patrol that are specially trained to respond to issues that need crowd control, they are often equipped with bicycles, helmets and collapsable batons, Rapid Response Team (RRT): Portland Police Officers that are suited up for riot and crowd control, usually equipped with helmets, face shields, padded safety equipment (vests, knee and elbow protection, etc), long batons, shields, and other “riot squad” type of equipment, Cover: a second or more officers responding to assist an officer on a call, usually when a “cover officer” is dispatched to assist an fellow officer, they will be told whether to respond “Code 1”, “Code 2”, or “Code 3”, “Step up cover”: “have the responding ‘cover officer’ respond faster because I either need more help or I’m about to need more help”, “Non-emergency off the air”: all non-emergency radio traffic needs to halt immediately and only emergency radio traffic (usually related to a call that an officer or officers are on) should proceed; this is usually done when an officer is physically fighting or detaining someone or when physical or deadly force is used or about to be used, HNT: Hostage Negotiation Team, a team of officers specially trained for dealing with hostage or potential hostage situations, this may include members of a SWAT team and they often work in tandem with SWAT to resolve a call, SRT or SERT: Special Reaction Team or Special Emergency Response Team is a team of officers specifically trained for high threat situations, in Washington County they are referred to a “TNT” or the Tactical Negotiations Team, EOW: End of Watch – usually reserved for when an officer has been killed in the line of duty and is often followed by a the date on which the officer was killed, Tag: the license plate of a car or the expiration date stickers on a license plate, Description: a physical description of a person that includes approximate height, weight and age, perceived physical sex (not gender), perceived ethnicity or race (black, white, hispanic, asian, American Indian or Native American, Polynesian, etc), skin color or tone (black, white, light skinned, dark skinned, etc), clothing worn, and any other information that might help someone identify someone else; sometimes descriptions are shortened to “BMA” or “WFJ” or something similar, which is short for “black male adult” or “white female juvenile”, or some other combination of descriptors (WFA, HMA, AFJ, etc), [disclaimer-we understand that some of these terms/descriptors may be considered sensitive by certain persons; however, these are commonly used and accepted terms in the world of emergency response, and we aren’t in a position to change any of that, and any desired changes will need to be expressed to the agency responsible for radio communications]. We post live alerts of current police & fire incidents in the Portland, OR, Metro area. American Airlines – 1-800-433-7300 - www.aa.com (1-800-435-9792)www.southwest.com, United Airlines The EAS is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters to provide communications capability during emergencies to local, state and federal authorities. Passengers should contact their airline directly for the most up-to-date information. However, there are differences among potential emergencies that impact the decisions you make and the actions you take. Elite Airways – 1-877-393-2510 – www.eliteairways.com Officer arrived and found an adult male victim who had been attacked by two male suspects, who were armed with a mallet and steel bar. More updates are anticipated around noon. We do not sell, or advertise on our sites with big corporations. These public alert systems are free. ALL Community members. Slumper: a person slumped over either behind the wheel of a car or on a bench or ground; usually associated with IV drug users or drunks who are unable to maintain consciousness. Get them now because we don’t know if we’ll do another run with this design and they have been going faster than expected. Afghanistan Looks like Taliban documented the SVBIED attack in Gardez, Paktia. This is original branded content directly from the crew that runs @pdxalerts. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. There are no operations between 8:00 pm Sunday and 8:00 pm Monday. As well, if you have a comment, please feel free to do so here on our contact page. We are NOT an official agency & TWEETS ARE UNCONFIRMED. 12-codes are just like 10-codes but instead of a “10” in the beginning, it’s a “12”. Do you love to travel but hate to pay full price? We accept direct messages on Twitter and you’re welcome to reach out that way if it’s convenient. Click. The Winter Storm is currently impacting operations at Portland International Jetport. all reporting you send to dispatch YOU can choose to remain anonymous: Your Safety & working together is our number ONE Priority).

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