essence of life meaning

If so, then perhaps somebody will come up with some sort of candy which you can just chew on to release the chemicals which give you the feeling of happiness. Stay updated from your inbox. Do whatever you think happy and don't listen on what other people say or think of you. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Create a free website or blog at Each of us live in a different country and with a different family so I guess our ways of living and the essence of life with regards to our opinion differs from each other. They eat, get drunk, go to parties, travel to different places, and other things that they believe will make them enjoy life. Giving someone a reason to live, lifting the fallen, restoring the hopeless, accompanying the lonely!...This is a deliberate move by a person kind enough to share their material belongings with the less fortunate people around the world. And it's not going to be that easy when you have life commitments. So how would you identify the true essence of life in the first place? It does not matter how long or short the life is, but how we live our lives that really matters. Women are invited to rise up in this truth everyday and feel free, desired and valued. Hope helps us keep the fight on and improves the chances of making our life better. The essence of life is to live it in a way that one creates a positive impact in the lives of other people. Once you graduate look for a stable job with high salary. If for example, the human mind finds out the essence of life that is outside but it does not know about itself then what is the essence of this finding? Hence Quintessence of Life means the fifth essence of life. Just enjoy living. Yes, this has happened constantly. Life is meant to be lived in small bits. At one time, we thought there must be a better way to live. It is the reality of finding peace in what is; of finding yourself in the slow lane while life seemingly passes you by every minute, hour, year in and year out. Life comes from different emotions and life is given to us by god to feel all of those and to realize or improve everything that could result to a better quality of living. If your essence is “Outstanding Dark Horse” you won’t be happy in a story of a life where you are ahead all the time. Share your intelligent response in the comment box. Once the wall has been removed, completion will come and that is the answer to this question. When your all questions and answers disappear, then the essence of life emerges. I do not know… (Berean Bible Translation). You don't give or donate because you have too much, but you give willingly and cheerfully because you value the other person and their joy is primary to you. It is what makes this world- Politics dictates society and society dictates the economy (in general) thus societies are the foundation of what makes a country “tick” if you will. It’s ok to be content with where you are at certain stages of life. Dunno about you but it seems quite like a load of havoc to me, Maybe I am just being to conservative/uptight, Have I really started to become such a law abiding functionalist? Do everything that you like and what makes you happy. I think that happiness is the most important thing in life. But I will say this- Until we as a people (devoid of gender, race, religion, nationality, social status) realise who tho real problem is: i.e. Did you use this believe in the beauty of an individual’s diversity, beauty is mystery, the mystery of life, the sense of wonder all around us. I think we should stop judging the life and take one step at a time. And if you ask a non-religious person, the same question, then the answer must be different. Others believe that their existence in When we begin to realize how diverse other cultures are and we learn to appreciate them, we develop a new sense of truth. He tries to give this answer from the essence of his life. Take our way of life, at this point in time. I agree, it varies from individual to individual on a case to case basis, as some people put more emphasis on short-term wins while others focus more on the bigger picture and want to achieve long-term goals for their happiness. But we have been charged with an eternal goal, one that is made possible and actualized by our decision for Christ. Thanksfor sharing this type of interesting information. So long as their is an existent hierarchy and we keep consuming, they (Also THE PEOPLE- But in the form of big business/coperation) keep producing and Presuming social justice and etiquette is retained (No Full blown REVOLUTION i.e. In doing so, we learn to expect the individual and the community. In this age, things have become more important than principles. But: Spirituality and religion are not satisfied with this answer. But most importantly is to love God and praise and serve Him and everything else will follow. Sometimes we face trials and pains but at the end of the day we still choose to live forward and be contented with what we have right now so since we are just temporary here on Earth, be happy and be a good person to everyone. He was the man who searched about this question ‘Who am I’ in his whole adult life. If so, then can I be completely sure that the result will fully meet all my expectations? For me, the true essence of life is to discover your God-Given-Purpose.

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