figure of eight splint

This brace also has fairly wide straps, making it a great solution for clavicle injuries.


The difference from the preoperative range of motion was statistically significant (p < 0.0001). Place the folded ABD pad in the axilla to absorb perspiration. We prefer using a self-adhesive bandage to overwrap the plaster because it acts predictably during application, stays in place well, and looks better than other options.

Loop the splint around the elbow. Pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures, Pediatric unstable distal radius fractures.

Place the wrist of the affected side inside the slip knot to create a collar-and-cuff type construct. 0000031948 00000 n Figure-of-8 splints are commercially prepared devices intended to create a reduction force on the clavicle. 3. Initially placing the entire length of the stockinette on the surgeon’s forearm is helpful. Do not go past the palmar flexion crease. The mean grip strength was 32.4 +/- 13.4 kg for hand that had been operated on and 41.0 +/- 14 kg for the hand that had not been operated on. Allowing edges of cast padding to lay immediately within the fossa borders will create wrinkling and can lead to skin breakdown in this very fragile area. Once the patient is in this position, the long arm portion of the cast can be completed.

The elbow should be in the desired position of flexion and pronation/supination. At the antecubital fossa, do not allow edges of cast padding to lay immediately within the fossa borders. Ziel dieser Arbeit war es, die Behandlungsresultate zu vergleichen. Do not allow one end of the coaptation splint to end at the fracture site; otherwise, the splint terminus will become a fulcrum and cause more displacement. Most fractures require a two-point mold, with one hand anterolateral at the fracture site and the other posteromedial at the elbow (Figure 13-20). ... Derzeit werden Eaton und Littler Typ I und II (siehe ▶Tab. Place talcum powder on the ABD pad and fold the pad in half, with the talcum side facing out (Figure 13-8). Do not go past the palmar flexion crease.

Use the figure-of-8 technique with tape. illness before completion of treatment but demonstrated early consolidation of the gap. If the patient is unable to sit up, move the head of bed as upright as possible. Wrap the elastic or self-adherent bandage around the arm and splint. The PIP Compass hinge is a useful adjunct to surgical reconstruction of the injured PIP joint.

Parents can aid with keeping the arm at 90 degrees of elbow flexion for younger children.

0000005712 00000 n we���3/.

Again, provisionally secure it with cast padding at the middle arm.

Ensure that the well-padded side is facing toward the patient. Pull the stockinette to the end of the splint.

Evaluation Of A Thermoplastic Splint To Protect The Proximal Interphalangeal Joints Of Volleyball Pl... Digital lengthening using the callotasis technique, Management of malunited fractures of the metacarpal and phalangeal shafts, Callotasis lengthening in the upper extremity: Indications, techniques, and pitfalls. Do not extend the plaster beyond the palmar crease. Reduction is not required for most clavicle fractures. Do not forget which side of the splint is padded!


Nail hooks and elastic bands external dynamic traction provides an effective treatment for intra-articular proximal interphalangeal joint fractures. Ensure that the splint remains proximal to the palmar flexion crease to preserve complete finger range of motion.

In this study, 40 patients with closed PIP joint volar plate injuries were treated with the figure-of-eight splint, a custom made, thermoplastic splint that allows protected joint motion. Chapter 13 Upper Extremity Splints and Casts, “Though simple in form and principle, this sling is rich in security, ease, and comfort.”—W.C. The patient must be able to flex his or her metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints to at least 70 degrees (Figure 13-42). Adequate control of the distal segment, appropriate choice of location for corticotomy, and gentle handling of the bone and periosteum can improve results and minimize complications. 0000003619 00000 n Prepare the plaster roll in the usual fashion. Early controlled mobilisation has become increasingly important, and therefore, splints have had to be adapted to allow for this. Two layers of wrapping are sufficient. Closed reductions cannot be maintained and should not be attempted. Chapter 13 Upper Extremity Splints and Casts Figure-of-8 splint Overview 1. Adherence to these principles can avoid further complications and problems and provide a successful ultimate outcome. It is a light-weight material that provides good protection to the PIPJ during rehabilitation.

0000012360 00000 n Apply the figure-of-8 splint so that the center of the “8” comes to rest between the shoulder blades on the upper back (Figure 13-2). Access scientific knowledge from anywhere.

Avoid overtightening the splint; excessive tension can result in increased pain, compression of the axillary vessels, and brachial plexus neuropathy. 0000004294 00000 n Adjust the sling so it is tight enough to support the weight of the arm (Figure 13-7). Attach tape to the opposite aspect of the forearm. This wrap offers more support to the flexor tendons and suspensory ligament of a horse’s leg than any other bandage.

Ergebnisse Bezüglich der Behandlungsdauer (p = 0,981), der Anzahl an Behandlungssitzungen (p = 0,271), der total active motion (TAM) im PIP nach der Behandlung (p = 0,693), dem Extensionsdefizit im PIP nach der Behandlung (p = 0,404), der Dauer bis zur Ergotherapie (p = 0,285) oder dem Schweregrad der Verletzung nach Eaton und Littler (p = 0,241) bestand kein signifikanter Unterschied zwischen den beiden Gruppen.

Pain, stiffness, instability and degenerative arthritis are common sequelae of complex fracture-dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. Place one stockinette over the upper arm. The adult elbow does not tolerate immobilization well. Reactions: pochampallideepika.

At two-year follow-up, 95% of these patients experienced good or excellent results. The struts can be internal to the splint or external to the splint: Internal struts are made of plaster and applied directly to the posterior slab, providing resistance to both flexion and extension.

The wrist position depends on the type of fracture and the location of the fracture. If using a sling only, swath the arm to the body using cast padding (Figure 13-10) followed by application of a large elastic bandage (.

These devices have afforded individual digital stability without need for additional external support and have provided between 2.0 cm and 3.5 cm lengthening per digit. Results Prepare the plaster. 0000008554 00000 n

The injuries can vary widely and should not simply be looked upon as trivial.

The patient can then rest his or her elbow on the stretcher.

Oval-8 splints are close to, but not an exact match for jeweler’s ring sizes. Tear several small strips of cast padding and apply them over the bony prominences of the olecranon and ulnar styloid to provide additional padding (Figure 13-28). Attach tape to the lateral aspect of the arm (Figure 13-39). Prepare the plaster in the usual fashion. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Unter den verschiedenen Nachbehandlungsprotokollen gibt es sowohl Unterschiede in der angestrebten Stellung des Mittelgelenks sowie der Dauer der verschiedenen Behandlungsphasen. There were significantly fewer hospital visits in the figure-of-eight splint group than in the other treatment groups. Struts must be added to prevent elbow extension in the splint.

2. 0000003655 00000 n The wrist is usually immobilized to control for pronation and supination about the elbow. Because the olecranon and ulnar styloid are at risk in this splint, care should be taken to apply additional padding over these areas. It is difficult to control elbow flexion and forearm pronation when placing a long arm cast, especially in a child. Pad the neck strap of the sling to prevent pressure complications at the back of the neck. Diese Präsentation fokussiert auf die Behandlung von Verletzungen der palmaren Platte des Mittelgelenks ohne Instabilität. Figure-Eight Splint Bandage Any horse needing extra support on the lower limb during competition will benefit from the figure-eight splint bandage developed by William Crawford, D.V.M. Palmar flexion crease/metacarpal heads (see Figure 13-29): This cuff should form a “V” at the ulnar aspect of the hand to allow for the cascade of the digits. Schlussfolgerung Keine Therapieoption zeigte sich statistisch der anderen überlegen. The correct application of either of the methods described below will ensure that the coaptation splint remains secure and does not fall out of place. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). Management of this injury must provide stability and motion to avoid disabling instability or stiffness. Alignment should always be checked with the fingers flexed into the palm. Fold the stockinette over proximally and distally. 956 0 obj <> endobj Circumferentially wrap with cast padding, using a standard 50% overlap technique (see Chapter 12).
Diese Verletzungen werden konservativ behandelt und daher häufig in der Handtherapie zur Nachbehandlung angemeldet. Fractures that tent the skin can erode through the skin and are unlikely to heal without open reduction and internal fixation. Elastic or self-adherent bandage: 4 inches wide. Apply the posterior slab first (Figure 13-32). the configuration, location, and biomechanical requirements for proper realignment of the malunited fracture. Some form of strut must be made to prevent flexion/extension.

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