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(heard from Bob) The FTW Title was never officially recognized by ECW, WWE, or even AEW.

Online gamers: "for the win". Chris Jericho is paying attention to the entire pro wrestling world. It doesn’t mean anything. Let's look at some ways AEW and WWE can shake things up during the rest of the year. ; Start the For the win (Internet slang) article, using the Article Wizard if you wish, or add a request for it; but please remember Wikipedia is not a dictionary. The FTW ("Fuck The World") Championship is a professional wrestling championship that originated in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1998.

Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. They are both crossover success stories and among the best athletes in the company. Not only were struggling stars being given a chance to shine, but it was keeping R-Truth on our TVs on a weekly basis. “So I like the fact that in AEW we have the World Title and now we have the TNT Title and then we have a Women’s Title and Tag Team Titles for guys. Because it sticks in my memory well, specifically because I haven't been able to make much sense of it.

5. Just put them in the ring to let them do what they do best, and WWE will have a guaranteed hit on its hands. Too many to count. For example, Cage could either have Moxley pinned while the referee is out or distracted, or Moxley could cheat to win.

This has led to WWE repeating the same feuds over and over. Would love your thoughts, please comment. — Taz unveiling the FTW Heavyweight Championship at It Ain't Seinfeld, The FTW Heavyweight Championship was designed, created, and conceived by Taz who also owns the copyright to the design of the title. 2. Bikers/Old Jailbirds: "fuck the world" or "forever two wheels". Brian Cage, therefore, needs an "out," meaning a legit argument as to why he should be World Champion in order to continue with the FTW world title concept. Both brands had several talented duos that were all fighting over the two sets of tag team championships.

When Taz aligned with Brian Cage in AEW, he also brought the FTW Championship with him.

For the win! For those who don't know, the FTW Title is a championship Taz carried in ECW. It doesn’t mean anything.

The Authors of Pain were released, Jimmy Uso, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Ivar are out with injuries, and a few other teams have broken up for storyline reasons. One person will say it, another will say YEAH! For fans who don't remember, the FTW title has an NSFW meaning, which is "f the world," and it was something Taz initially introduced to the world in ECW in 1998. [1] The title was used to compensate for storylines that had to be dropped due to injuries. Maybe you swing by your favorite cafe on your way to yoga: “Pre-workout quad shot mocha # FTW.” After their last interaction was met with praise, many fans have wanted to see them interact again. Animal activists: "free the whales". This was an intentional loss, when he pulled an unconscious Sabu over himself on December 19, 1998 (he was confident that he would defeat Shane Douglas in an upcoming title bout, and thus no longer needed the FTW Heavyweight Championship).

If Cage loses against Moxley, then the FTW title doesn’t mean much around his waist. The FTW World Heavyweight Championship (also referred to as the Brooklyn World Championship) was an alternate World Heavyweight Championship in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) this was similar to the Million Dollar Championship in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in that it was not an officially sanctioned championship. To me, it means for the wind! #Amazon just beat #SAMS for me.

What does FTW mean to you? 3. Fuck the whore! This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 00:45. I'll tell you what it means to me too:

The current champion is Brian Cage, who is in his first reign. Over 20 years later, the belt is back on television around the waist of one of AEW's most dangerous competitors. Who cares? This match could headline any show and wouldn't even need to be for a title. [3] and a "TAZ" logo at the top. It's frequently used in online forums, text message conversations, and email. Who cares?" The FTW Title even is too much. That’s just me, but maybe some people care. With Rosa continuing to make appearances, new hires like Serena Deeb and standout stars like Penelope Ford, All Elite Wrestling has more than enough at its disposal to make the entire division more important. FTW is an abbreviation used for many different meanings within different groups of people: 1. Who cares? text-speak with several translations.

Many people online say FTW, but when I've asked them what it means, it's VERY rare to get the same answer twice in a row. We are going to keep saying this until we will it into existence.

The only person to ever hold it other than Taz was Sabu, and his reign lasted less than four months. Nazis/White Supremacists: "forever truly white". (heard from many) Fuck the world! Nazis/White Supremacists: "forever truly white". For the win! It even has a lineage to it and a history that made it more than just another vanity prop for a wrestler. In the storyline, he was frustrated by his inability to challenge for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship due to Champion Shane Douglas' injury and refusal to face him. For The Wii Gaming, Forum, Play. Giving it a little prestige will make Truth's record even more impressive and allow whoever else holds the belt to get a bigger push out of winning.

If you want to do Women’s Tag Team Titles, that’s fine. FTW can be used in place of "epic win" and other expressions of victory.

Now that Brian Cage is holding the FTW World Title it does open up a lot of possibilities.

However, some new hires in recent months are going to help fill those gaps. For those who are too young to remember or just didn't watch wrestling back then, the FTW title was first introduced in ECW in 1998. At first, these quick matches and backstage segments delivered a lot of entertaining moments. That’s just “too many titles” as he sees it. [2] ECW Owner Paul Heyman said the title suited Taz's "bad-ass, no-nonsense" attitude. For those who are too young to …

How about you? 4. The FTW Championship originated as a method to not only help legitimize Taz as a main eventer, but it also served as a necessary stopgap during Douglas’ injury. With the brand split being incredibly loose these days, WWE should just combine the two sets of titles into one championship, at least until Raw and SmackDown are back to touring separately again at some point. Profanity isn't my favorite, but if it's for educational purposes, I wont beat myself up over it or consider it "excessive. 2020 may just go down as the strangest year in pro wrestling history. To fill some of the gaps on Raw and SmackDown, WWE has brought up several stars from NXT since the beginning of the year, including everyone in the Retribution group. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Wikipedia does not currently have an article on For the win (Internet slang), but our sister project Wiktionary does: .

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