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~Amy, Amy's lyrics examine "that loss of youthful fire, the end of that period when you broke the boundaries, when you ran as hard as you could. [20] On August 18, 2017, Code Red issued a Blu-ray edition of the film featuring a new 2K scan of the original film elements. We just started playing and all of a sudden we got into this groove. As a Southerner, I feel free to criticize from 'within the family.' Zaza got on board due to the involvement of film editor Stan Cole. What do you think they're doing?! ~Emily, Jonas and Ezekiel But for those who prefer their chills straightforward, pre-sneer and pre-sarcasm, Keeper can be a most rewarding snow trap". [6] For the majority of the cast, Ghostkeeper was their first and final film credit; Georgie Collins was primarily a well-known stage actress in Calgary, and was cast in the role of the mysterious elderly hotel proprietor.[6]. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Caramia It is the beauty of decomposition and I am tying it into the fall, meaning the season." And a friend of my father's said that back in those days a husband would plant a tree for every wife he'd had and so I wrote a song about it, 'cause there were bunch of trees up there." The film is presented in 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen for the first time on video and has been restored from the only known existing film elements. [19] Director James Makichuk stated in an interview that he was trying to get a DVD released through Netflix with a quality print of the film. gave the film a negative review calling the film "flawed", and "muddled". sort form View by: ... submit lyrics, and more. At this point in life, hopefully I can see patterns emerging, and how faith guides your life when you don't know how you can control things and make them work and fit the pieces, but if you have faith, good things are going to come. As night falls, they start a fire and tell stories and reminisce. added, "They're called median cats. At the end of "I Don't Wanna Know" Amy and Michelle Malone are talking. Blood and Fire It is a very intense and emotional song and Amy does not perform it anymore because she does not want to revisit the feelings that went into writing (and performing) the song. Suspecting that they have been tampered with, he goes outside to an old shed for tools, while Jenny stays in the kitchen with the old woman. The prints that got finished were so dark but the distributors, those guys, they don’t care at all. I was just sort of trying to mix those images together. I found it important to say, 'Look, what I've been involved with has given me some freedom in my heart and soul that I've never experienced. Murray Ord went on to become a successful film producer in later years. You should find the same thing.'" Each concert had a "It's a love song," Amy said about "Blood and Fire." ~Amy. Meanwhile, Danny carries Chrissy to the basement of the hotel, where he slits her throat and then stores her body in a freezer. [8] The film was photographed by cinematographer John Holbrook. ~Amy. Strangely overtaken, she visits the Wendigo in the freezer where she says that she "will look after you now." Ghostkeeper Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings! [1][10] Its tax shelter funding made the production's financial situation rather unstable; James Makichuk said that he was given the option of halting the film's production when the funding began to run low, but he pursued to finish the film anyway—[11], They told us that the money is almost all gone. [3], Filmed in Banff, Alberta under a tax shelter in December 1980, the film had an unstable financial situation and the filmmakers nearly halted the production mid-way through due to depletion of its budget. But they hassled everyone, and to me, it's like, God, how hypocritical can you get? It's me, the struggle within myself and the struggle with someone else to create commitment in a world of this - of the music industry, which is really kind of screwy. It looks like everything's for sale, but you'll ask about something and he'll say, 'Oh that's not for sale.' [18] The DVD included a commentary with James Makichuck, Riva Spier and Murray Ord, an interview with director of photography John Holbrook as well as an interview with actress Georgie Collins. The growth we experience through all that pain is really important. "I also love 'Everything In Its Own Time' because it's so different. ~Emily, This Train The film was given a minuscule theatrical run in Canada and the United States and is consequently little-known among horror film fans, but has attained a cult following over the years.[4][5]. There are countless interpretations; however, most center about a [11], According to Makichuk, prior to the depletion of the budget, his original intention was to film a much longer ending, including an extended chase sequence with Spier and the Wendigo creature on the rooftop of the Deer Lodge hotel. But in doing that, people seemed to shy away from their really good experiences and to dramatize the bad things. "Caramia" is an Italian term of affection that means "my dear". (Out of 115 varieties of snakes that are native to North America, 17 are venomous.). In a 1994 interview she said, "It made me think of Hamlet and Ophelia and the swamp. And I was comparing that to the fact that the things that I was afraid of as a child you know was the ghost under the bed, it wasn't my dad coming in to beat me up, and there's a big difference between that." It's interesting to recognize the patterns, because it presents itself to you, I think, when you're becoming politicized, you recognize what's driving them is greed. Sejarez, whom Amy mentions in "World Falls", is not a real person; he was a character (possibly some kind of philosopher) that appeared in one of Amy's dreams. We got into a conversation, and some of his values and ideas seemed incredibly comforting to me at the time. 'Faith is one thing that's hard to deliver'- that's really the crux of the song. But the thing I wanted with Johnny Holbrook, who is a great cameraman, is to have a mood. The three enter the building to escape the increasingly harsh conditions, and find that the heat is on, but there are no lights. In fact, there were some very racist and sexist things happening on that campus, and I found the city reflected those same qualities to an extent... As a songwriter trying to be heard, I found it extremely competitive and oppressive. "[17] Eric Cotenas of DVD Drive-In noted the film's prominent atmosphere and drew comparisons to Stephen King's The Shining as well as cinematographer John Holbrook’s "aesthetic response to the desolate location. "Deconstruction," says Emily, "is about a relationship that just gets picked apart and analyzed and thrown away. ~Amy, Fare Thee Well I could say some of the same things about Atlanta that I'm saying here about Nashville." There's a really new, hip scene there, different from the country scene. Ghostkeeper Why you always gotta hang 'round here They're all wishing that you'd disappear Can't keep waiting on the air to clear Ghostkeeper You're the only one that's still hung up Jonas and Ezekial are names that Amy saw on tombstones in a slave cemetery. "[6] Cole also described film as more a "suspense movie" along the lines of Psycho (1960). ", Nashville The Meaning of Some Indigo Girls Lyrics. ", In a November 1994 interview Amy said that she had learned a lot of the songs from "Making Movies". Sheldon was an active anti-war activist at the time of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It's not just to her, though (Ani DiFranco). Marty and Jenny argue in their bedroom, while Chrissy goes down the hallway to take a bath since the plumbing in the rooms is obsolete. It is sort of about decomposition in general. (3/8/02 CNN) Saliers: "[I'm] just thinking of a song 'Our Deliverance,' that was greatly affected by the events in our country September 11. ~Amy, Amy is referring to The Pixies' 1989 album, "Doolittle" (the title is spelled wrongly in the album lyrics). Its plot centers on a trio of snowmobilers in the Canadian Rockies who become stranded at an abandoned hotel where the elderly female innkeeper is hiding an evil entity within the building. So I used images from his poems and his life: that he was adopted, that he left his wife behind..." ~Amy, Tried to Be True I think the song is really attacking the idea of the raping of the land for resources. I Don't Wanna Know "A music friend of mine sent me a book of his poetry, 'The Light the Dead See,' and I went crazy over it-- it changed my life a little. But that city goes through phases. It's kind of a drag." It is very hard to make out what they are saying although Michelle can be heard saying, "Hey, hey, get off the stage," "Loosen up," and "I can't talk to ya, I gotta go - I gotta go, okay." This guy was deep, he had layers of character underneath that rough skin and dirt. It's about the things people do to numb themselves to the pain of their situation." Why not add your own? Either Amy or Michelle also says, "Over one billion served. However, there does not actually seem to be a plant called swampophilia; it's possible that the phrase came entirely from Amy's imagination. After accepting the tea from the offering woman, Jenny inquires about Chrissy's disappearance, but the old woman is evasive. [11], In April 2012, Ghostkeeper was released for the first time on DVD through Code Red Releasing. Its plot centers on a trio of snowmobilers in the Canadian Rockies who become stranded at an abandoned hotel where the elderly female innkeeper is hiding an evil entity within the building. It was the way he'd look out over this piece of land and take such pride and satisfaction in this collection of junk! Kid Fears ~Amy, Our Deliverance There's a lot now that's being uncovered about the homosexual experience of the Holocaust and how it affected those survivors. "Musically, it was real simple. There's a lot to be said for the things we leave behind, and the things that we don't understand anymore in our traditions." Emily: "Yeah... that song is about a love that, like two people come from totally different parts of the spectrum, or however you want to voice it, and I was trying to create tension with that verse. Nightmare at Deer Lodge: An Interview with Jim Makichuk - October 2012,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 22:58. My faith is the guiding thing in my life, above all else. I think a lot of people have had that experience and continue to have it. ", Hey Kind Friend World Falls [14] It subsequently had its North American theatrical premiere at Calgary's Tivoli Theater on March 3, 1982. Though hesitant, the woman lodges them in rooms. Ghostkeeper; haunted Lyrics Ghostkeeper – haunted . Ghostkeeper; Tea and Cree Talking Lyrics Ghostkeeper – Tea and Cree Talking . So it's kind of like the same dynamics, almost down there. ~Amy, "'Fugitive' is... kind of a love song, but it's also, you know, it's very abstract. ", Romeo and Juliet The Tunica (or more accurately, the Tunica-Biloxi tribal nation) are a Native American tribe located in Louisiana. Every time I would go up to someone and give 'em a hug or shake their hand or something, my friend would take me over to the side of the room and say, 'You know, that person you just hugged over there, they hated you in high school and made fun of you every day.' I was looking through a book of Native American myths and legends, and that title just struck me. So that song was written in reflection of that time... Ani, she's a good girl." It’s super easy, we promise! ~Amy, "Well, it's sort of a personal song that turned into a political song, you know. More Ghostkeeper Lyrics. My dedication to activism took away from my relationship. ~Amy. Rate These Lyrics 0 Votes Add to Mixtape. She locates a shotgun in a storage room, and is confronted by the old woman, who claims that she is Jenny's deceased mother. Six song meanings Add your thoughts No Comments. They are possibly also references to the biblical characters of the same name, although the names are spelt differently in different translations of the Bible.

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