high dividend blue chip stocks

Dallas-based Texas Instruments generates about 95% of its revenue from semiconductors and the remainder from its well-known calculators. Blue Chip Stocks Paying High Dividends. Hence despite its share price is lower than when we first wrote about it (current S$2.49 vs. S$2.56), the forecasted yield based on an unchanged DPS of 12.3cts/share is roughly about 4.9%, a shade below our required 5% level. The 10 Blue Chip Stocks With The Highest Dividend Yields. average 2009 yield of 4%)) is now at 2.6ppt, the largest among the three banks. Virtually all of Kroger’s sales come from the United States. with an average yield profile of 5.2%. Based on the dividend yield theory, it will seem that ADP, HD, and KR are potentially undervalued at the current price while BBY and MRK are overvalued with TXN being fairly valued at its current price. The last time OCBC’s yield exceeded 6% was back during the years ago (based on average price) while ComfortDelgro’s share price is also at It is obtained by dividing the stock price with the declared dividend. The current share price is now at S$1.05! HD has been one of the major beneficiaries of COVID-19, with citizens “stuck” at home deciding to engage in home improvement activities to past time. Hi, great article. SingTel currently spots a share price last seen 15 Based on a 15-year average DPS of S$0.34 and an average Not all stocks, including blue chips, are going up “always”. over its Bharti stake and skepticism over Bharti’s operational turnaround. To answer that question, I first look at their historical dividend payment trend. Kroger’s uptrend continued since the middle of last year. Sana po tama ang intindi ko. Based on their average historical DPS payment and historical yield, I derived my fair value of the counter by dividing the average DPS by the average yield. Despite being seen as a relative defensive play, Comfort’s share price has also taken a beating, with its share price now hovering around the S$1.62 level. While there is a 30% upside to our implied fair value, I remain concerned over a significant deterioration in the company’s operating performance over the next 1-2 years which ain’t just a COVID-19 issue. While there isn’t a single definition for blue chip stocks, they are usually higher market cap, stable, dividend paying companies with strong free cash flow. Are they possibly undervalued? This will not bode well for Genting Singapore. We have previously written that DBS bank is one of the Top 20 transformational global companies in 2019, a rare accolade among Singapore stocks. Out of these 5 names, probably Netlink NBN Trust and Frasers Logistic and Commercial Trust are the two more resilient counters, in my view. While its P/E ratio is high at 31 times earnings, many industry experts believe its stocks’ earnings-per-share (EPS) can grow up … Hi PesoLab, 2. Where can we find data on past years dividend performance of these companies (or any company for that matter)? since the SARS period back in 2003. That will be generally in-line if not slightly undervalued vs. its 10-year dividend yield average of 2.15%. This counter is growing its dividends at 10%/annum. It remains to be seen if they will be rushing to upgrade the counter Based on an average 15-year DPS of S$0.15 and an average yield of 5% during this period, the implied fair value of the counter is S$3.04. although ComfortDelgro’s taxi division remains a major operating concern to me. Coupled with a high gearing profile, there are concerns that SingTel Join our Telegram broadcast: https://t.me/gemcomm. And this direct investing is intended for another goal. Kroger features a leading private-label offering and manufactures around a third of its own-brand units (and 42% of its grocery own-label assortment) itself, in 35 food production plants nationwide. High-dividend blue chip stocks can be a great option for investors looking for the stability and power of blue chips plus the income potential of high dividends. Also, Ross Stores (ROST) has lost its Dividend Aristocrat status due to a dividend cut related to the COVID-19/corona-virus. On the other hand, we can identify a handful of blue-chip candidates that currently yield more than 2% while yet sporting a consistent dividend growth profile, as illustrated in our screening criteria. [Update August 2020]: Its share price has appreciated from S$0.82 to the current level of S$0.90. However, it is unlikely to escape from the macro pressure of an industry downtrend where margins for new orders are expected to be relatively weak. Yun lang po kasi nakikita kong risk eh, yung kung bumabagsak ang market, e di wag muna i-sell, hintay-hintay muna onti. Ironically, it is also its taxi business that has been a key But here, we look forward, not backward. On the day charts, a buying opportunity may present itself soon. There is no guarantee at the present that 2021 DPS will revert back to the norm and it really depends on the economic outlook of Singapore. yield of 4%. However, the key difference then and now was that its forward yield is now forecasted to be around 5-5.5%, with about 20+% expected cut in its DPU for 2020 vs. 2019. construction till mid-2021. I intend to invest long-term and thinking Meralco would be a good choice. $700k for a 600% return over this duration. Nevertheless, it is a good reference point. Using the same initial capital assumption as in Scenario 1 ($100k), you will see that Mark generates a higher total amount of dividends over 20 years $143k vs. $128 for Peter. In this article, we will take a look at three high-dividend blue chip stocks that are worth watching. }. The acquisition of distributor Interline Brands in 2015 allowed Home Depot to enter the maintenance, repair, and operations sector, while the tie-up with Company Store brought textile exposure to the lineup. attractive 6.5%. .hide-if-no-js { It really depends on the companies, although most of them do. Blue Chip Stocks Paying High Dividends. The third high-dividend blue chips stock on our list today is AbbVie.

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