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When Yasmine confronts Imran further about his actions, he sees red and pushes her to the ground, leading Yasmine to declare her hatred of Imran, and a heart to heart with Misbah makes her tell Yasmine that Imran has been rebellious and violent ever since the car crash. [19], Fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, "Luke is definitely not the same person and it is definitely not for the better. In early September 2018, Luke is finally sober and discovers explicit photos of Ollie in the bin. When Finn decided to leave the village, as no one will give him a second chance, Yasmine tells him not to go, as she has feelings for him and they share a kiss. [16] Ahead of her arrival in the village, Adam learns that his brother Liam (Maxim Baldry) "is harbouring a huge secret about her. When Adam learns the truth from Maxine, he dumps Darcy and kicks her out their house. On the day of the wedding, Scarlett arrives in the village and confronts Luke, demanding that he give her money. They take Ella in to care and when Luke returns drunk again Mandy leaves him. Malaolu described Shane as a "wheeler-dealer" and "driven by money". Weeks later, Yasmine and her family moves back to their home and Stuart tells them that they are no longer harassing them anymore. Kyle returns to town after he was unable to get his MS treatment and reveals everything Sami has done. They noted the story accumulated criticism from viewers who found the scenes "too upsetting". After finding out that Buster got involved, Imran's anger escalates even more, and he goes as far as throwing a hot cup of tea over Misbah's arm, which is witnessed by a shocked Yasmine just as she walks through the door. Damon instantly bonds with Scott and they become close friends. Sue begins to struggle with the pressure of the rape and begins taking medication. At a party, Scott Anderson teases Luke over the rape and with his friends, he chases Luke and pretends to rape him. Imran manages to free himself before the lorry hits although he is left feeling bitter and rejected by his mother. "[8] On why she wanted to tackle the subject series producer Jo Hallows said "The message is about banishing taboos – telling people it's OK to talk and there are people who can help. Misbah will struggle to protect herself and her son, while also managing her job and parenting role. Sami reveals that the ultimate plan is for Kyle to fake his death and frame James for his murder. | classification = Present; regular Lucy took a break from the series in 2018 to appear in a play. The doctor reveals that a scan showed a shrinkage to the front of Luke's brain, due to a long-standing condition. Before she leaves, Lynette tells him that his biological mother's name is Maggie (Michelle Holmes). Eventually, they reunite but Luke struggles with Andy and Sue's inability to discuss the rape so decides to move out. | occupation = Barman Darcy and Toby then leave the village together. Luke offers Mandy the chance to return to Canada with him, but she declines and he returns alone. When Damon's mate Brody was younger, he was groomed and sexually abused by Damon's father Buster and Damon never knew this apart from Damon's mother Maggie who found about this and threatened Buster to leave the family home for good and to never come back or otherwise, she would have reported him to the police for grooming and sexually abusing Brody. Darren tracks Luke down and discovers he is unemployed so offers him a job at his taxi firm, Daz Cabs. Just as Luke is about to drink for the first time in over a month, Mac Nightingale causes an explosion in the school building, leaving Darren and Luke trapped and killing Neeta Kaur. [24] Kyle wants to be with Ryan, but Ryan does not want to be with him. When Sami learns about Yasmine and Finn's friendship from Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann), he catches them embracing and tells Finn to stay away from Yasmine. He and DS Gavin Armstrong (Andrew Hayden-Smith) both get interviewed by Cindy and Dirk Savage (David Kennedy) as their new lodger, with DS Armstrong being the result. Shane revealed to Joel Dexter (Rory Douglas-Speed) that he knew about the drugs which Joel supplied to his aunt, Katy. Darcy brings Toby to the village after Adam decides to choose a relationship with Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) over a relationship with her, making him question his judgement.[22]. Darren tracks Luke down and discovers he is unemployed so offers him a job at his taxi firm, Daz Cabs. Luke leaves Mandy's daughter, Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer), by herself when he goes to buy alcohol and the neighbours call social services. Annoyed at Darren's behaviour, Mandy ends their relationship and supports Luke. Luke is released later in the year and has a one-night-stand with Lisa Loveday to make Cindy Cunningham jealous. Yasmine warns Finn about Edward's plans, but Finn refuses to believe her. Yasmine tells Imran that she saw the attack, and he runs off. On Christmas, Peri and Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner) sets Yasmine up on a date with Tom Cunningham (Ellis Hollins) and they share a kiss and became close.

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