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This mode allows you to fire 4 rounds with a pull of the trigger. It is most notable for its very high cyclic rate for a gun using full power service cartridges, averaging about 1,200 rounds per minute compared to around 850 for the MG 34, and perhaps 450 to 600 for other common machine guns like the M1919 Browning or Bren. Barrage Fire is the new firing mode introduced by The Equalizer M53. The Lafette 42 weighed 20.5 kg (45.2 lb) on its own and was a simplified version of the Lafette 34 used for the MG 34, as the MG 42 could be operated more easily from a Lafette and featured no semi-automatic firing mode. The Lafette 42 tripod also had a bolt box to store a (spare) bolt and return spring. The T24 machine gun was a prototype reverse engineered copy of the German MG 42 general-purpose machine gun developed during World War II as a possible replacement for the Browning Automatic Rifle and M1919A4 for infantry squads. The weapon was officially accepted, and the main manufacturing of the production design began in 1942, as the MG 42, contracts going to Großfuß, Mauser-Werke, Gustloff-Werke and others. Because the driver's seat is in the turret, a special seat is used to keep the driver facing forward, independent of the turret facing. SPG on a modified chassis of the M47 medium tank. The first Premium vehicle to provide its Commander with two gun variants to choose from. The MG13 was one of the first developments toward a goal of producing a weapon that could perform multiple roles, rather than just one. The length of the beaten zone could be set on the Tiefenfeuerautomat. In Yugoslavia this MG 42 variant was built at the state-owned Zavodi Crvena Zastava company as the M53 machine gun using original German machinery, retaining the 7.92×57mm Mauser chambering. The M55 is an American fully enclosed and armored self-propelled artillery based on the M53 155 mm self-propelled artillery. As a consequence, one of the MG 42's most notable features was in its high cyclic rate of fire of about 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute, twice the rate of the Vickers and Browning machine guns, which fired at a rate of about 600 rounds per minute. [21] A more practical solution to control the harmonics problem in the roller/wedge system and make the MG 42 less ammunition ignition timing sensitive was needed. [9] Of the number of proposals submitted, Großfuß AG's proved to be the best design by far, employing a unique recoil-operated roller locking mechanism whereas the two competing designs used a gas-actuated system. The Americans and the British trained their troops to take cover from the fire of an MG 42, and assault the position during the small time window of barrel replacement, which took around 4 to 7 seconds (estimated). The "PS" Family logo is a registered trademark and "PS4" is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. "Xbox" and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies and are used under license from Microsoft. The vehicle has an armoured cabin. After around 150 rounds of rapid fire, the gun operator would open a side hatch (leading to the barrel) and replace the hot barrel with a new cool(er) one. The riflemen carried additional ammunition, hand grenades, explosive charges or a machine gun tripod as required and provided security and covering fire for the machine gun team. M53, M-53, or M.53 may refer to: . Although made of relatively inexpensive and simple parts, the prototypes also proved to be considerably more rugged and resistant to jamming than the precisely machined and somewhat temperamental MG 34. [5] The ear could not easily discern the sound of individual shots being fired, instead hearing a sound described as like "ripping cloth" or a buzzsaw. M53 155mm Self-Propelled Gun, an American-made tracked, self-propelled gun; M53, a Hungarian submachine gun developed from the Soviet PPS-43 submachine gun; see PPS submachine gun#Variants; M-53 (Michigan highway), a state highway in Eastern Michigan M53 highway (Russia), a section of the Baikal Highway in Siberia M53 motorway, a motorway in England [10][11] Brazilian expeditionary soldiers fighting in Italy used to refer to MG 42 as Lourdinha; this nickname is due to the fact that the bride of one of the soldiers, named Maria de Lourdes, was a seamstress and the sound of MG 42 was similar to the sound of her sewing machine (Lourdinha is a common nickname in Brazil for women called Maria de Lourdes).[12][13][14]. It consists of a heavily modified Praga Praga V3S six-wheel drive truck chassis, armed with a twin 30 mm AA autocannon mounted on the rear for which the vehicle typically carries 900 rounds of ammunition, each gun being gravity fed from distinctive 50 round magazines. The German tactical doctrine of the era based a squad's firepower on the general-purpose machine gun in the light machine gun role so that the role of the rifleman was largely to carry ammunition and provide covering fire for the machine gunners. The M55 was deployed in NATO areas during the Cold War and used during the Vietnam War, and subsequently withdrawn from service in the US military in favor of the M110 howitzer. Characteristics are specified for Rapid mode. The prototype was produced in 1952, and in 1956 the SPG entered service in two variants: the M55 for the Army and the M53 for the Marines. [15][16] Characteristics are specified for Siege mode. The final design, which appeared in 1950, was in most respects still similar to the MG 42, although many components were produced by machining instead of stamping, which increased the weight, the stability and the production costs of the machine gun. Both the cocking handle and the catch for the top cover to the working parts were designed so that the gunner could operate them wearing arctic mittens or with a stick or rod. The Swiss MG 51 or 7.5 mm Maschinengewehr 1951 was based on the design of the MG 42 chambered for 7.5×55mm Swiss GP 11. The M55 is lightly armored, 25 mm maximum, but sufficient to protect the crew from indirect artillery hits and small arms fire. These would eventually find their way to Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. If selected, this feature mechanically controlled the rise and fall of the gun, elevating the gun for five rounds and then depressing it for four rounds. The resulting MG 39 remained similar to the earlier MG 34 overall, a deliberate decision made to maintain familiarity. The final variant to date is the MG 74, developed by Austria and since 1974 it is the standard machine gun of the Austrian Armed Forces. In Czechoslovakia it was known as Praga PLDvK vz. The shoulder stock is designed to permit gripping with the left hand to hold it secure against the shoulder. The original MG 42 roller-locked action had an undesirable tendency to exhibit bolt-bounce. The other prototype was plagued with excessive ejection failures and to a lesser extent failures to feed. The bipod, the same one used on the MG 34, could be mounted to the front or the center of the gun depending on how and where it was being used. Heavy bolts also were used along with stiffer return springs. A heavier bolt uses more recoil energy to overcome inertia, thus slowing the cyclic rate of the machine gun. The M53/59 Praga is a Czechoslovak self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed in the late 1950s. [40], The Swiss SIG MG 710-3 general-purpose machine gun was based on the design of the MG42V/MG45 using a slight modification of the roller-delayed action and chambered for 7.62×51mm NATO. [17][18] Two of the standard issue bolt-action Karabiner 98k rifles in the squad could be replaced with semi-automatic Gewehr 43 rifles and occasionally, StG 44 assault rifles could be used to re-arm the whole squad, besides the machine-gun.

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