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), Tim looking for the perfect composition on the rocky pier. I have felt a powerful emotional response to Hokkaido and have derived enormous creative inspiration in the light and atmosphere of this special place. I’ve been photographing in South Korea since 2005. so I would certainly consider it an ongoing project There are specific places in Korea that I am attracted to and one is called Shinan, which is an archipelago in the southwest. ‘I don’t really do very complicated things in photography,’ he adds. The work of course changes according to the geography as well as the subject matter. Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008 © Michael Kenna, Charles Bridge, Study 9, Prague, Czech Republic 2007 © Michael Kenna. As he photographs on a Hasselblad which has a square format, a vast number of his images are square. To begin with, I was very much a commercial photographer and also an assistant. Drag slider to see more. His photographs are among the most exhibited and collected photographers working today. For more details, see bit.ly/kennarouge. Publication of Il Fiume Po. Part of this is due to the fact that people very rarely feature in Kenna’s work and that’s because he’s often shooting in a) remote locations, and b) at those times of day when people are often asleep. Believe that you are unique, because EVERYBODY is unique. Of course, the classics will be appreciated more than the new material. There have been many occasions when interesting images have appeared from what I had considered uninteresting places. It was just a matter of going back in time and choosing images from my archive, and new negatives to print. Cloud over Uchiumi Sea, Ainan, Shikoku, Japan. He uses a technique called the optical centre. So I decided to specialize and effectively went to commercial photography school. Sometimes he experiments with Holga cameras, too. We can easily do this to our RAW files in the RAW converter or, (and we prefer this method), use a Gradient Map adjustment layer in Photoshop. I look for memories, traces, evidence of the human interaction with the landscape. ‘I remain pretty much the same, whether I am photographing trees, cityscapes or nuclear power stations,’ he explains. In 2000, the Ministry of Culture in France awarded Kenna with the Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters. I have also been exploring in a similar way that I explored Japan with repeated visits over the years, accumulating images of the landscape, industry, temples, coastlines and occasional wintry conditions, etc. I was fascinated with painters like Turner, Picasso and Kandinsky. Ruth often said that her role as teacher was far more important than her role as photographer. It doesn’t have the amount of flexibility I need for my work. Some of his take up to 12 hours to achieve. Other prestigious awards include the Imogen Cunningham Award (1981), Art in Public Buildings Award (1987), Institute for Aesthetic Development Award (1989), Golden Saffron Award (1996), Honorary Master of Arts Brooks Institute (2003). The photographs change somewhat but at the same time it is obvious that the same person is making the photographs. MK: My first trip to Japan was in 1987, when I photographed the shrine and temple areas of Kyoto and Nara. I insist that I can carry what I use to photograph as I don’t usually have an assistant. Next month, I will photographing in France and Korea. Again, we see how important it is to take your time studying a location. so, before you arrive at your destination, spend some time researching how other photographers have shot the place, and how you can then strip things back for more interesting and eye-catching images. When that happens, I will deal with it. I switch it on and off to see what I’m doing. This gives you one colour, and even though it’s not black and white, it helps to show the shape and form of the scene. I moved to the USA where I was extremely fortunate to find work as photographic printmaker for the well known photographer, Ruth Bernhard. But, sometimes it is the last. Enjoy by immersing yourself in the beauty of these legendary landscapes: Michael Kenna - Torii, Study 1, Takaishima, Honshu, Japan, 2002, Michael Kenna - Biwa Lake Tree, Study 2, Omi, Honshu, Japan, 2002, Michael Kenna - Don Quixote S Giants, Study 5, Campo De Criptana, La Mancha, Spain, 1996, Michael Kenna - Tree Portrait, Study I, Wakoto, Hokkaido, Japan, 2002, Michael Kenna - Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 1, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan, 2002, Michael Kenna - Pine Trees, Study 2, Wolcheon, Gangwondo, South Korea, 2010, Michael Kenna - Ratcliffe Power Station, Study 46, Nottinghamshire, England, 2003, Michael Kenna - Passing Barge, Paris, France, 1988, Michael Kenna - Full Moonrise Chausey Islands France 2007.

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