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Instead, he has regressed as of late, despite the opportunity to do more for Toronto. The team has sometimes had success in bench lineups without him, but in the playoffs where the rotations tighten, the Raptors need their best guys, of which Anunoby is absolutely one, to play like it. In 2013, one season before he won his first NBA Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard existed in a different stratosphere defensively. Thanks to Joshua Mendelsohn’s new book The Cap, we now have a clearer picture of how exactly the financial framework of the modern NBA was built — and what that means today. In the Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus re-imagined an ancient Greek tale about a man forced to push a boulder up a mountain for all eternity, only to see it roll back down to the bottom each time he reaches the summit. And then there was his performance against the Denver Nuggets to open the road trip, a 32-point, five-steal masterpiece that showcased that 2013 Leonard-like outline better than any other single game on this trek. For og I think he has serious potential more than Pascal. Oof. Of all muscle injuries, hamstrings have one of the highest recurrence rates, happening in an estimated range of between 12 per cent and 33 per cent of cases, according to a 2017 study. Complicating the injury further is that the biggest risk factor for suffering a new hamstring injury is having had one previously. When the injuries to Pascal Siakam, Marc Gasol, and Norman Powell occurred, it became clear that these issues would be exacerbated. But an Anunoby who continually raises the ceiling on his night-to-night performances is one with the potential to change whether the Raptors go back-to-back or not. Press J to jump to the feed. Five west coast games in March were never going to fundamentally change a team whose end-game is playing against the West’s best in June. It is on offensive where the problem lies. Once again, this all starts with a willingness to shoot the three-pointer. OG Anunoby looked like a defensive player of the year candidate, if the award was handed out for a four-game stretch as opposed to a season-long performance. His tracking stats from the same site see opponents shooting 3.3 percent worse when he is their primary defender. It is obviously extremely cliché to say, but great shooters have short memories, and Anunoby needs to develop that mentality to fully unlock his offense. More likely than not, he won’t reach the same heights Leonard ultimately did — very few players ever have, and there’s no guarantee his peak is even close to that high. Even at full health, team offense, particularly in the half-court, is not a strength of the Raptors. Lately, however, his offensive contributions have not been enough for a shorthanded Raptors team that desperately needs a spark on that end. Especially since hamstring injuries are difficult to navigate. A playoff appearance itself is not at stake for the Raptors, though. That is not to put a ceiling on Anunoby, as doing so with the Raptors’ history of player development has proven foolhardy in the past. What do you guys think? Obviously, Anunoby would not even come close to having the impact that Leonard did, but if every player around him on the Raptors roster picked up the slack, and Anunoby showed improvement, this was still a dangerous team. But 2013 is when that defensive player crystallized into something more tangible than large-handed potential. It is a long season, and a few nights of hot shooting can change the narrative entirely, but we need more out of OG Anunoby right now. Yes, he finished 0-of-7 from three, but that he continued to fire without hesitation was positive. Anunoby’s theoretical peak is about as tantalizing as possible for a player who does not project as a star in the NBA. But Lowry is making the case for being the franchise’s guiding star, the one who’s always there no matter how dark the sky gets, the one that leads the way home when no one else is sure of what direction to head. I can see him becoming top 15/top 20 player if he keeps expanding his offense which he did this year. The void left by Kawhi Leonard is impossible to truly replace, but OG Anunoby has the opportunity to play a role in a valiant effort to do so. His hips are too stiff and he is too robotic offensively to be more than an off ball/ take advantage of mismatches guy. Camus argued this fate was a blessing, not a curse, because it gave Sisyphus a purpose, even if that purpose was absurd. A subreddit dedicated for NBA news and discussion. Will he be an all star? Anunoby looks every bit the player Raptors fans hoped he could be on defense. That being said, with the injuries, Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry are the only two active players that will always be looked to for offense before Anunoby. And we’ve got to review each of their ratings. He can credibly defend positions 1-4 and battle a centre in a pinch. When he gets to the rim, OG uses his ridiculous strength, athleticism, and body control to finish in unorthodox yet often spectacular ways.

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