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(A year in which he averaged 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game). I knew I was high on their draft board," he recalled about draft night. He needs to do those at a super high level for us as a role.”. I wouldn't bet against him.". Toronto won the first game at home by a margin of 3, but more impressively dominated the road game at Oracle Arena with a winning margin of 20. When the trainer introduced a gather dribble and finishing off the opposite foot, boom, 0-5. This news comes at an opportune time for the Eastern Conference Champions as they have an upcoming seven-game series against an offense-hungry Golden State … “One thing you’ve got to love about most players, but OG especially is that they feel they can do more than they’re doing. I believe he knows that and that gives him a chance of doing well.". I'd always been slighted," OG told KweséESPN about the setbacks he'd faced since high school which led him to devote extra time at the gym. So it's always kind of been like that.". OG Anunoby could be back for Game 1. Share. "This gives him a chance to develop, it really does," Crean said about Anunoby on The Vertical's Draft Show. 8 Penn State [THS: 165], Penix and Indiana rally against No. With VanVleet’s height, a lot of the passing lanes that presented themselves to players like Siakam, or DeMar DeRozan have gone to the wayside, and Norman Powell just isn’t in any mood to pass when he’s headed downhill. Just, shooting. With the Raptors preparing for tipoff against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, Anunoby might play several minutes or no minutes at all. His rebounding has increased to 2.9 boards per contest. OG Anunoby is a 23-year old British professional basketball player who plays at the Small Forward or Power Forward position for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA.He was the 23rd overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft selected by the Toronto Raptors.His salary in the 2019-20 season is $2,281,800. One of the first things that can happen for Anunoby is to get him out of the paint on defense. Like Nurse said, he feels like he can do more, and when you’ve already proven your pedigree in your rookie year, the Sophomore slump is demoralizing. OG earns his salary with his athleticism and insane wing-span. He knows that talent is not enough. Earlier this year I wrote about OG Anunoby’s in-between game; tweaks to … His face remained fairly expressionless as he put up jumpers, a bunch of shots went up from beyond-the-arc, most went in. “We’ll get back to work this summer and figure out where we can get better.” – Nick Nurse on Anunoby. Pascal Siakam #43. He’s going to hit enough triples that defenses can’t leave him, he’s going to dunk everything at the rim, and he’s going to suffocate opposing wing players for extended periods of time. He's a guy our scouts targeted and there were teams behind us who were salivating to get him because he is one of the top defenders available in the draft.". Stanley Johnson #5. According to reports, former Indiana Hoosier OG Anunoby may have an opportunity to return back into action for the Toronto Raptors after needing an emergency appendectomy at the beginning of the 2019 playoffs.. OG Anunoby #3. OG Anunoby has not yet seen a game in this year’s NBA playoffs, but he finished the previous playoffs with an average of around 8 points and 2 rebounds in 24 minutes of action per game. "Something that I think is exceptional about him is his attitude. They feel like they let the team down or let themselves down, to be honest with you, because they know they can play better and know they can do more. Create a role where Anunoby’s decisions are fairly straightforward and he’ll provide the rest: Last but not least, once you get him back in that role, trust him with it. Celebrate Halloween Raptors-style by Watching Fred VanVleet in a Horror Movie Trailer, Pardon the Corruption with Blake Murphy: Free Agents, Bridge Year, Giannis Plan B. Your email address will not be published. Patrick McCaw #22. When I asked Nurse what the ideal version of Anunoby’s game looked like in the playoffs, he suggested a return to an earlier form: “As we get down to it, I’m gonna try to get him to play maybe a little bit more of a role for this team, get back to defence, which he can do, shoot the open 3, get on the glass, get to the rim. When NBA training camps opened up in late September, word got around that Anunoby was further along in his rehab than most expected. On offense, the change in role Anunoby has seen is equally as disruptive. No extra stimuli, just the shot. tweet. When they don’t have a good game, they feel bad about it. The statistics will never tell the whole story, but we’ve seen him line-up opposite enough stars to know they reveal something meaningful. Despite playing off the bench for the majority of the season, OG Anunoby saw nearly the exact same amount of usage from Raptors’ head coach Nick Nurse. There’s a long career ahead of him, with progressions that are linear, and those that are not, but there’s an obvious need on this Raptors team for things that we know he’s capable of providing. Is he going to be ready to do that this year? "If it wasn't for his injury he would have went higher. Anunoby has a ways to go when navigating the pick n’ roll and team defense overall, but 1-on-1 he’s a blanket. "OG's work ethic is incredible and I'm not sure the word 'quit' is in his vocabulary. With an average of 38.7 minutes per game during these playoffs, Toronto’s Kawhi Leonard could seriously benefit from just a handful of extra minutes on the bench. send. Those are some things we know he can do. Also long breaks between most games helps Kawhi quite a bit. If you want to be a star in your life, to be gifted might not be enough. Nick Nurse, OG Anunoby, Toronto Raptors. You have to put in extra work. NBA draft night saw 22 players fly off the board before the Toronto Raptors stepped up at number 23. Raptors Republic is in no way affiliated with the Toronto Raptors except the fact that we love them. Required fields are marked *. Averaging 11.1 points and 5.4 rebounds during the 2016-17 season, Anunoby was doing his part to help the Hoosiers be competitive in the Big Ten... then the injury happened. If you need surgery we'll make sure it's done by possibly the best doctor in the country,' which we did.". "He is going to get on the court to defend darn near anybody. GO IN-DEPTH Salaries of players right now Salaries of players back in the day Ranking agents by wages From baseball to basketball, the kid with roots in Anambra State played it all and excelled at everything. Who better to step in for serviceable minutes at the small forward position than a versatile OG Anunoby to go up against a position-less Warriors team? Lock-down help-defense is one of the keys for Toronto to be successful in the finals, and OG Anunoby’s flexibility can be an integral component of that success. Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby is progressing in his recovery from an appendectomy and was in good spirits at the team’s practice … Get in touch at [email protected] God bless. Weighing up Red Bull's 2021 options, 'No kid should have to go through what I went through': Morgan Urso's journey to destigmatize mental illness, A Bledisloe breakthrough the hope for rugby's lapsed believers, Rennie has Wallabies singing from the same song sheet, 2020 MLS Cup playoffs: Who's in, fixtures, results, final date and key info, MLS Cup playoff seedings to use points per game, Randy Waldrum can make Nigeria's Super Falcons 'stronger and smarter', 'The Nigerian flag was bloodied': Footballers condemn violence against protesters, Anunoby was further along in his rehab than most expected. A conference game against Penn State in the middle of January saw Anunoby tear his ACL on the final play of the first half. Crean was current Indiana Pacer Victor Oladipo's coach at IU, and also coached future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade at Marquette University in the early 2000s. The combination of which allows him to guard nearly any position on the floor 1 through 5. We’re not so far removed from plays like this: When the rotations shrink and Anunoby is in a position to always play next to one of Lowry, Leonard or Siakam, we’ll see the rising star we all know is there. "I thought I should be playing more. We were never worried about him beating the estimated recovery time, we only focused on him making a full and healthy recovery. "How bad was the injury? Young OG rapidly became proficient in the major North American sports. Did Anunoby have any idea the Raptors were interested in taking him if he was still on the board? With Pascal Siakam’s jump to psuedo-stardom this year, a void was left at his spot on the bench. You’ve got to pull your socks up, get back to work, take a few deep breaths and dig in. They don’t know for sure, but spacing of games should help. In what has been a turbulent season for the Raptors youngest piece, how can he make good on his potential this year, and what does that look like on this Raptors team? Heading into the draft, Anunoby was still considered a late lottery pick despite the knee injury, as comparisons were made to San Antonio Spurs and 2014 finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, and not just due to the similarity in disposition. When Anunoby is playing next to Norman Powell and Fred VanVleet as the main creators on offense, it hamstrings one of his best talents. "In high school he was like that, in college he was like that, in middle school he was like that. Heading into his sophomore season, the buzz about OG rose from quiet whispers up to legitimate talk as the Hoosier was named a preseason All-American. He guarded the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, and Jonas Jerebko. Omar Wilkes of Octagon Sports agency and one of Anunoby's agents (along with Chris Emens) told KweséESPN: "Our first priority was to make sure that OG's rehab was not rushed and that it was done properly. OG Anunoby was then later upgraded to “Questionable” status prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Anunoby's 7'2" wingspan and ability to blanket opposing players at multiple positions gave NBA GMs visions of a new Kawhi. Chris Boucher #25. The big question mark (his long distance shooting) of his game translated to the NBA, and he overcame his health (torn ACL) in an incredibly short time frame. 8 Penn State, 36-35, records first top-10 win since 1987. Blair Thompson, Anunoby's coach at Jefferson City, told Indiana fansite Insidethehall.com: "Maybe he wasn't on the radar as a top 100, but I think for him it was just a matter of getting him in front of the right people. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson #4. The second son of Nigerian immigrants, Anunoby was born and lived in London until the age of four when his family moved to Jefferson City, Missouri. I feel like he is worthy of being a top national recruit.". Not that he can’t track players into there, or that he’s a bad help-side defender; he’s superb on ball. There is no timeline for Anunoby’s return and his condition will be updated as appropriate.

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