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Shipping Fiesta ST Tuning - Ford 1.5 Ecoboost Development and Results. the MPG went up to 57 round these roads, so i cant wait for a long motorway drive, and a big thanks to Greg for your advice. KIA As there are so many different performance chip models and makes of tuning boxes in circulation and then there are dozens of rebadged brands as well making it difficult to know which suppliers to trust. All vår dokumentation är professionellt översatta till Svenska. Trots att enheten kan monteras och sedan tas bort (effekten återställs utan synbara spår), tycker vi oftast att det är bra att fråga innan du gör monteringen. Du behöver inga specialverktyg, lödning eller kapa några kablar. Som mest behöver du en skruvmejsel för att ta bort eventuella skruvar som håller fast motorkåpan, men det är också allt. © 2018 Baileys Diesel Group. To put it simply, when each fuel injector opens up, the greater the pressure in the rail, the more fuel is sprayed into the cylinder, and hence more power is made. However look up, very nice yet to a concrete delivery date and price.Also Freedom motors,w***el ag,centurion 2.0,SMA LE SR-305 E, and WAM. How to Some actually do nothing more than fool the ECU into thinking you’ve got your foot to the floor the whole time to make it provide as much fuel as it can. Our Diesel and Petrol tuning boxes have been designed, developed  and manufactured in Germany within a rigorously controlled environment to ensure the development of a durable, technologically advanced product range that far surpasses expectations. Just please don’t buy one of those Ali Baba-spec cheapies. The Pro units fill the gap between conventional 'tuning boxes' and remaps. Tar du bort chiptuningboxen från bilen så blir det inga spår kvar av den efteråt, men vi rekommenderar ändå att du informerar ditt försäkringsbolag om modifieringen. Mini, “How can I – safely – increase diesel performance in my common rail ride?”. Not had it fitted long enough to check economy difference but i expect it to be slightly better even if not it's well worth fitting. Du kanske har undrat varför tillverkarna kan ha samma motor I olika modeller, men de kan ha olika motoreffekter. Just how do those little gizmos work, and are they actually doing more damage than you think? We specialise in performance chip tuning boxes for a huge range of vehicles. At the end of the day, there is no way to pinpoint exactly how much faster your injectors are wearing out, but again, it is common sense. Is there a safe way? The torque delivery is linear with gear changes now almost imperceptible and no noticeable turbo lag from take off. Use less fuel - our chip tuning units can allow you to gain more economy by carefully tuning the low end performance output of your diesel engine allowing use of higher gears at lower revs; Our chip tuning unit's Easy DIY plug-in design makes installation on your Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD as easy as 1,2,3 with no wires to cut or solder So be careful. Really pulls once you get into second gear and just keeps going through all the gears. Well, lots actually. Saab I wanted to improve the towing ability and get better mpg. The Pro units fill the gap between conventional 'tuning boxes' and remaps. Our performance chips come with our exclusive plug in technology with enables our systems to be easily installed making it a DIY plug and play system which delivers a smooth and efficient increase in performance whilst improving your fuel economy. With the common rail diesel, you have two basic choices of how to accomplish this. Fuel economy is better, solo it is up by 10% but with the caravan attached it's 12% better. Vi erbjuder öppet köp I 14 dagar. Breaking the kettle – A must-read cooling guide for TD42 owners. Would I recommend this product, yes without reservation worth every penny.

© 2020 Bluespark Automotive All Rights Reserved. Click here to learn about the new BDG next-generation DLC injectors for your Common Rail diesel vehicle. The Bluespark Pro has the ability to provide huge low down and mid-range torque gains compared to conventional tuning boxes. I ordered a Bluespark Pro + Boost tuning box for my 2015 Audi Q3 150hp. Please contact us to find out if the Pro+Boost module is available for your vehicle if it is not listed already in our vehicle selector. Buy one today and join the 1000s of happy customers which have already benefited from: -- Select Make -- Chiptuning for over 1700 common rail diesel car. If you answered yes, this article probably isn’t for you. READ THIS BEFORE YOU BLOW YOUR ENGINE UP! They’re a little trickier to install than the rail pressure affecting types, needing to be spliced into the factory harness – but if you’re handy on the soldering iron they’re still able to be installed by a competent home mechanic. ", "Fitted the CR Tech 2 over the weekend, and took the car for a long drive over the moors and the car pulled so well in ECO mode i didn't want to change it to sports mode, the torque was there and it stayed in gear for the hills that i thought it would change down for. Diesel Chip Tuning is an Australian Company based in Brisbane supplying the one of the most advanced tuning systems in the market place.

Land Rover Honda Increase power and torque +40%, -20% and decrease consumption. Detta låter föraren att växla upp tidigare och stanna kvar med hög växel längre.

All Rights Reserved. Det har inte med motorns mekanik att göra, eftersom de vanligtvis byggs med samma standard, det har med mjukvaran som är installerad I ECU:n som styr motoreffekten aatt göra. I was therefore not expecting much for my money. BoostSense monitors rather than increases turbocharger boost, allowing the unit to change fuelling in a more intelligent manner, preventing excess smoke off-boost and protecting your cars DPF (particulate filter). It is worth mentioning here (and covered in more detail in a future post) that any increase in diesel performance also increases the forces exerted on the pistons, rods, bearings, etc.

You also have to make sure the unit you purchase monitors the throttle position and doesn’t just wind the rail pressure up to 11. Våra chiptuningboxar tillverkas I England I vår lokala fabrik I Gloucestershire, som är ISO9001-ackrediterat.

Dave Kriedeman 2020-07-25. They work on both rail pressure and injector duration and several other operations controlled by the ECU, such as turbo boost pressure. Installation av eftermarknadsprodukter ses inte alltid positivt på av återförsäljare. The Pro unit is also available with additional boost control on some vehicles to increase turbocharger output providing even bigger power and torque gains (up to 35%). If you do go down the 30-buck eBay special road, I hope you don’t mind engine rebuilds…. That doubles as a raft?! First of all the installation is very easy indeed. Good improvement on setting 3 but phenomenal acceleration on setting 4 with no obvious loss of MPG.

I think the thing to remember is with more power you tend to drive less efficently and why not!? The Bluespark Pro + Boost tuning module will give your engine maximum power and torque gains while retaining clean emission levels and DPF friendly compatibility. SsangYong Transform The Way Your Car Drives Unlock The Power In Your Diesel Engine… The performance gain is phenomenal and the engine seems to run a lot smoother. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

im one well pleased customer, would recommend this to anyone, easy fit (read the instructions first, it helps) and much cheaper than other similar boxes. Förutom att kontrollera bränsletillförseln, ger vår chiptuningbox mer vridmoment genom motorn, speciellt i de låg- och mellanregistren. The simple reason for this is that they work. Setting C on S2 (second dial) will switch the chip off on or just before 3000rpm. The only factor that determines the amount of diesel performance you get out of any given engine is the amount of fuel dumped in the cylinder. Higher diesel performance > higher fuel pressure > more wear > shorter life span. Ja. Better economy, more power and way more controllability of the fuel delivery when compared to the mechanical pumps of yesteryear; admittedly at the cost of added complexity and reliance on electrics – hey, nothing’s free.

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