vehemently in a sentence

At hour intervals, often of much pain, he was moved in bed and addressed himself vehemently to prayer. Matthew is a vehement supporter of the monastic orders against their rivals, the secular clergy and the mendicant friars. He was vehemently interrupted, and the sitting ended with an order for Robespierre's arrest (see Robespierre). These two small books contain the earliest and most systematic of all Ruskin's efforts to depict a new social Utopia: they contain a vehement repudiation of the orthodox formulas of the economists; and they are for the most part written in a trenchant but simple style, in striking contrast to the florid and discursive form of his works on art. Even though there was a vehement denial of any search or signal, there is no doubt that a message has been received. With all, he was proud of his race as truly, if not as vehemently, as his paternal grandmother detested it. When Charles returned to Germany, after assuming the crowns in Rome and Milan, Petrarch addressed a letter of vehement invective and reproach to the emperor who was so negligent of the duties imposed on him by his high office. In the mid-twelfth century Aelred of Rievaulx vehemently denounced musical embellishments.

Clarkson shook his head vehemently.

The Church Service Society, having for its object the study of ancient and modern liturgies, with a view to the preparation of forms of prayer for public worship, was founded in 1865; it has published eight editions of its " Book of Common Order," which, though at first regarded with suspicion, has been largely used by the clergy. The peculiar greatness and value of both Juvenal and Tacitus is that they did not shut their eyes to the evil through which they had lived, but deeply resented it - the one with a vehement and burning passion, like the " saeva indignatio " of Swift, the other with perhaps even deeper but more restrained emotions of mingled scorn and sorrow, like the scorn and sorrow of Milton when " fallen on evil days and evil tongues.". Cambon's proud and vehement reply was the signal of the resistance to Robespierre's tyranny and the prelude to his fall. They were immediately reprinted, the latter being dedicated to the lord mayor and the former to the author's kinsman, George Sacheverell, high sheriff of Derby for the year; and, as the passions of the whole British population were at this period keenly exercised between the rival factions of Whig and Tory, the vehement invectives of this furious divine on behalf of an ecclesiastical institution which supplied the bulk of the adherents of the Tories made him their idol. The same vehement passion for freedom, justice, humanity and order was roused in him at a very early stage of the third great revolution in his history - the revolution which overthrew the old monarchy in France. The belief in a vast Antarctic continent stretching far into the temperate zone had never been abandoned, and was vehemently asserted by Charles Dalrymple, a disappointed candidate nominated by the Royal Society for the command of the Transit expedition of 1769. Stead in 1885, as he had earlier supported Mrs Josephine Butler in a similar cause; he attacked the trade in alcohol; was an anti-vivisectionist; he advocated arbitration; and his vehement attacks on Sir Charles Dilke and Charles Stewart Parnell originated the phrase the "Nonconformist conscience.". Ashlee Simpson has been on baby-bump watch for the past couple of months and throughout that time, vehemently denied all rumors of the pregnancy kind. in 1583, and here his vehement and suspicious Protestantism led him astray and provoked him into counterworking the designs of his own government. It was assumed that the Protestant nobles' jealousy of the burgesses would prevent them from interfering; but religious sympathy proved stronger than caste prejudice, and the diets protested against the persecution of their fellow citizens so vehemently that religious matters were withdrawn from their jurisdiction. The most vehement agitation seized the length and breadth of the great Celtic land; the patriots everywhere bestirred themselves. The Arian and Catholic bishops went on for a time side by side; but the Lombard kings and clergy rapidly yielded to the religious influences around them, even while the national antipathies continued unabated and vehement. 431 at the council of Ephesus, where, as a zealous adherent of Cyril of Alexandria, he vehemently opposed the doctrine of the Nestorians. 7. Tom Cruise has vehemently fought the tabloids for printing stories that he felt were defamatory in nature and donated the court case proceeds to charity. As Lionel Robbins shows, all the major classical economists were quite vehement in their denunciation of laissez faire as an abstract standard. The hatred of the Macedonian party towards Demosthenes, and the fury of those vehement patriots who cried out that he had betrayed their best opportunity, combined to procure his condemnation, with the help, probably, of some appearances which were against him.

He had vehemently opposed Pitt's policy, but a change came over his way of thought, and he found himself separated from Fox on the question of a struggle with Napoleon. His vehement opposition to the Augsburg Interim (1548) led him to take temporary shelter at Rudolstadt with Catherine, countess of Schwarzburg. His most original compositions in verse, however, are elegiac and hendecasyllabic pieces on personal topics - the De conjugali amore, Eridanus, Tumuli, Naeniae, Baiae, &c. - in which he uttered his vehemently passionate emotions with a warmth of southern colouring, an evident sincerity, and a truth of painting from reality which excuse their erotic freedom. 18, 1904); but the opposition, to which the National party had attached itself, denounced it as " a gagging order " inspired at Vienna, and shouted it down so vehemently that 'no debate could be held; whereupon the president declared the bill carried and adjourned the House till the 13th of December 1904. His uncle, who appears to have " taken his zeal for ambition," wrote him a severe letter, taking him to task for arrogance and pride, qualities which Bacon vehemently disclaimed. These terms, which are said by Appian (De Rebus Samniticis, 10, II) to have included the freedom of the Greeks in Italy and the restoration to the Bruttians, Apulians and Samnites of all that had been taken from them, were rejected chiefly through the vehement and patriotic speech of the aged Appius Claudius Caecus the censor. The vehement protest made in the 9th century by Agobard, bishop of Lyons, against the Lex Gundobada shows that it was still in use at that period. 6. The treatise De divina praedestinatione, composed on this occasion, has been preserved, and from its general tenor one cannot be surprised that the author's orthodoxy was at once and vehemently suspected. On the 2.3rd he again spoke vehemently for exclusion, and his speech was immediately printed. Itlis not a more untrustworthy account than a vehement controversialist engaged in a life and death struggle might be expected to write of his theological antagonists. 2. He shook his head vehemently. As far back as 1839 Louis Blanc had vehemently opposed the idea of a Napoleonic restoration, predicting that it would be "despotism without glory," "the Empire without the Emperor.". All Rights Reserved. He was impetuous, intense and often vehement, unflinchingly courageous, devoted with his whole soul to the cause he had espoused; but his vanity, his pride of opinion and his inborn contentiousness were serious handicaps to him in his political career. , The actor vehemently delivered his monologue with passionate facial expressions and exaggerated hand gestures. During the South African crisis of 1899-1902 he was specially vehement in opposition to Mr Chamberlain, and took the "pro-Boer" side so bitterly that he was mobbed in Birmingham during the 1900 election when he attempted to address a meeting at the Town Hall. Luther at one period (in his treatise De captivitate Babylonica) maintained, though not on historical grounds, that the offering of the oblations of the people was the real origin of the conception of the sacrifice of the mass; but he directed all the force of his vehement polemic against the idea that any other sacrifice could be efficacious besides the sacrifice of Christ.

Despite vehement protests from United players, the match continued, with Mottram refusing demands to consult his linesman.

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