ways to clear dead stock

Using strategies like advertising ‘New Stock Now In’ can mean your customer will look to purchase these while they’re hot. A review from an influential blogger in your niche has great potential for inventory reduction. Why do so many retailers and manufacturers end up with dead stock?

Inventory that’s obsolete to you may be a welcomed gift to others. Sending them an item and asking them to review on their own social channels is sure to spark some excitement about that item once again. Assuming the deed is done, how do you clear out your deadstock? Because of how much working capital it eats up, deadstock can even be fatal to a growing business. So if you have a 30 day returns policy, consider extending it to 60 days for a few items as one of your inventory reduction strategies. Inventory and Shipping platform for ecommerce. It should be equipped, and its personnel trained, to sort out defective or poor quality merchandise to be sent back ASAP and replaced.

A giveaway or competition is a great inventory reduction strategy as it creates a new buzz about excess stock – and can then improve customer demand for it. There are some great sites like Pop-Up Republic and Go PopUp who will work to organise the entire process for you – including the space, physical address and insurance costs.

© 2020 - Saara Inc - All rights reserved. While your profit margins on each item may reduce, it can be a great way to move several products at once. 5 Solutions to Enhance Dynamics GP for Distribution, 5 Solutions to Enhance Sage 100 for Distribution, 20 Creative Contest Ideas Guaranteed to Motivate Your Sales Team, How to Calculate User Defined Fields (UDFs) in SalesPad for GP, How to Use Customer Quick Reports in SalesPad, Order Confirmation Email Setup in SalesPad, Customizing Sales Document Entry Screen in SalesPad for GP, How to Fix 5 Common Mistakes in Accounts Receivable Collections. These days, zombies are all the rage from hit movies and TV series to popular toys and video games. Moving dead stock to these locations maximizes its chances of selling.

An extension like this shouldn’t have too much of an impact on actual returns (and costs). People love the extra security of knowing they can bring something back.

Try to refresh your marketing and merchandising efforts when it comes to your slow-moving or old inventory. Purveyor of the finest GIFs in the West. Saying these goods are ‘back in stock’ can also create a feeling that they are back by popular demand.

If you have a bunch of inventory that you suspect is dead or dying, it’s... #2 (Trick or) Treat Your Sales Staff to Incentives. 7 Reasons why you need to Automate Inventory Management.

You make space in your warehouse while also helping a good cause in the process. Because after all, the best way to avoid having zombie inventory and dead stock haunt your warehouse is to avoid letting it die in the first place! Apart from defective products that warrant immediate replacement, it would be helpful to have an agreement with your supplier wherein you can return stock that remains unsold beyond a certain time-point. This can give you ideas for how you can reassign it for maximum saleability. Multichannel or omnichannel selling can be a competent avenue to unload your dead stock by tapping into new audiences. Dead stock clearance tip 2: Return it to your supplier.

This way, they get seen more often and customers are tempted to add as ‘extras’ to their purchase. Warehouses should have a well-lit, well-demarcated “receiving and sorting” area where they receive goods from the vendor. It's all the unsold inventory that's obsolete, costing you money, and taking up valuable warehouse space that could be used, instead, to stock more of the products your customers actually want.

If you have a situation on your hands, deadstock management should be taken up on a priority. Consider temporarily removing excess stock from your sales channels entirely as one of your inventory reduction strategies. At Veeqo, our mission is to help retail brands provide the best experience to their customers everywhere.

How to Create SKU Numbers & Use Them Like A Pro. To put it mildly, “Deadstock” is the part of your purchased inventory that Simply Won’t Sell. Shipping Zones 101: How to Get the Best USPS Rates For Your Ecommerce Fulfilment, Amazon Inventory Management: How to Replenish & Track A Highly Profitable Amazon Inventory. When it comes to inventory management, deadstock belongs in the ninth circle of hell. Not doing this as part of a process compromises stock quality over the long run, making it unsaleable. Get key business process improvement tips, delivered right to your inbox! 1. Alternatively, you can keep certain products in your retail store on a “consignment” basis, wherein you reimburse your vendor only for goods sold, according to a pre-decided margin. Simply have a page on your site that’s dedicated to discounting certain goods that you want to reduce stock number for. All of the above add up to a mountain of deadstock that retailers feel pressured to move. They also tend to hold or move merchandise in silos, with every store having its separate inventory instead of a centralized warehouse. It’s best to start by making sure you implement the best inventory management techniques (like ABC analysis, safety stock and keeping an eye on lead times). But you can also use your charitable activity to gain free publicity in various relevant publications. Inventory Management: A Complete Guide for Retailers. Updated and fresh looking images can have a huge impact on shifting excess stock. Deadstock is a problem that should be nipped in the bud. Bundle similar-category products into attractive packages: Give Your eCommerce Venture A Computer Vision Boost. But we’re actually talking about Advanced Inventory Replenishment (AIR). Let’s take a deeper look at our top inventory reduction strategies and ideas for reducing inventory levels and clearing out excess stock. Even if you clear old inventory at cost or slightly below, you’re avoiding a long drawn out drain on cash flow and added cost of storing all that dead stock that’s just taking up space in your warehouse. If you have customers that purchase on credit, then you already know that dunning letters (aka ... Providing breakthrough software and services that significantly increase effectiveness, efficiency and profit.

The 7 Best Items to be Selling on Amazon FBA Right Now (2020), 32 Etsy Statistics You Need to Know in 2020, The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Business Loans, Veeqo Ltd, 221 High Street, Swansea, SA1 1NW, UK. You can set these up anywhere as a great way to clear old stock. Stagnant, non-moving inventory puts incredible pressure on the business to stay afloat with limited cash flow. Sure, oxygen is always good. Before we go into our smart inventory reduction strategies, it’s worth a basic note on how best to use them within your supply chain management. You stay on top of sales to estimate how much you need to have on hand between re-orders. Therefore, you must have a foolproof inventory management system as well as the means to market your product. The data provided by an inventory management system is highly useful in determining the geography/ demographics where certain SKUs are likely to sell. Move deadstock around for maximum visibility and saleability: 5. Add a graphic to your site, announce to your email list, in your store and on your social media channels to get the word out. But calling attention to zombie inventory that isn’t moving out the door as fast as you’d like and incentivizing your sales staff to pitch in and help out is a great way to move dead stock. Whether this is in a physical store or on your website, add your slow sellers as a related product underneath. Or say, Knife sets and chopping boards. Make the customers an offer they can’t bypass: 6. Shopify Shipping: What is it? This means more space and attention can be given to better selling items. Plus, analyzing your purchase orders can help you streamline purchasing, and break out of old buying patterns. Similarly, you can re-write an item’s description to make it sound more enticing. Content Editor at Veeqo. Multichannel or omnichannel selling can be a competent avenue to unload your dead stock by tapping into new audiences. They offer a reminder of the discount code at the top of the page, under the image thumbnails and on the pages themselves.

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