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If the market price is the ultimate weighing machine, then expectations are the ultimate predictor, an expectation based on past history. David, when you refer to Eurostock, you mean the European stock exchanges. Stan Weinstein Editor & Publisher Global Trend Alert. That being said, Stan Weinstein’s analysis is to look at the social trend by using charting. Yes the same applies to any market. I have worked in investment houses packed with CFAs and experts and I do not know any that really use an SMA, I do not know why. But if you start with these, even if your own trading techniques might not be good, at least you are selecting from a pool of equities that will have a good chance to out perform. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Biography submission guide. Chess does not have exogenous variables unless you factor in the psychology of the players. Therefore, there is no need to be intimidated by computerized training in the stock market, nor expects with math degrees. 2: 23,363: 2020-02-09, 03:59 AM by isatrader View the Last Post : Stage Analysis Study Guide - Questions and Answers (Pages: 1 2) Perhaps Stan Weinstein was right, I should look at all these factors. This is particularly true on smaller local companies that trade on the market, that are off the big investor’s radar or threshold criteria. However, until I see papers with academic rigor or models that prove or disprove Stan Weinstein’s system either way, or if someone can show me a good real study, I think the jury is not out yet. The crowd does the heavy lifting to move the stock like a rock, one way or another, and once it is rolling, it has momentum, it keeps moving until the crowd starts pushing the other way. I believe you can. I should exit the market but, in recent months when it has been flirting with it, I am holding off buying. How successful was he? 1) Really start looking into quantitative screens. Please provide me with this info. Calling changes in the stock market as Stock market cycles a "cycle" is a misnomer, because of its non-cyclical nature. Some assumptions of investing and economic models are in aggregate: If you meditate on these assumptions you find weaknesses in each. S&P 500 return = 9.80% - 6.44 x Max [0, -1.26% - annual change of the GDP growth rate in %]. That does not mean you can not beat the market. like india? It is based on crowd behavior and expectations. Metaphorically, supercomputers have not yet solved the game of chess. This is because despite short term reasons for improvement there are still some dark clouds that are hanging over the economy in the long-term which may or not clear with ease. This is done by looking at the trend at an early stage of take-off, when others are buying but not to the full extent. . In fact, the opposite is seen. If you did not read it yet, we can certainly advise it. Also Friedrich Nietzsche said to be a great think you need to spend eight hours a day just thinking. Do you agree with him? Authors: William Brock, Blake Le Baron, Josef Lakonishok What ever happened to Stan Weinstein? My message does not be intimidated by super computerizes or MIT graduate whiz kids, as evidence sheds light on the truth. They all wielded courage and supernatural powers to protect and serve their people.". Stan Weinstein stated several times in his book to never purchase a stock if it was selling for under it’s 30 day moving average and was adamant about using stop losses. If you go out further it becomes less. Contrary to a few websites that publish anecdotal evidence or fictitious evidence, I have not seen any rigorous academic studies that show results either way that would prove his system or any moving average system definitely deviates from the average. The reason is ‘top rated stocks’ is the quantitative firsts best picks. Stan Weinstein looks at the trend as the summum bonum which trumps fundamental analysis, contrarian analysis, or intricate technical models. If you would like you can paypal me a donation at but that is up to you. Stan Weinstein wants to know, where are investors going? This is not a trival point, trust me. Hence read as many people as you can that convey personal experiences, such as “Market Wizards” and the follow-up books. Do you know something similar based on the Eurostock? This article will describe this. Does anybody have much information on him? europe?

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