when was heidelberg castle built

A large part of the castle was destroyed by lighting strikes in the years 1537 and 1764. Built in 1751, the giant barrel held wine donated in lieu of money for taxes. It was seldom full, but just the sight of it is astounding. However, it was not until 1400 that building activities were documented. Heidelberg palace was built and extended over three centuries in different styles (Gothic and Renaissance elements).

Parties and dances are sometimes held in this festive part of the castle. The castle has a history almost as old as the city itself. Known as the Red-Walled Castle, the earliest structure was built before 1214. Around 1300 there were even 2 castles mentioned. It was built in the year 1214 in a Gothic and Renaissance style, and was expanded into two new castles. The castle is a combination of several buildings surrounding an inner courtyard, put together with a haphazard look. Records from that time mention not only one, but two castles that were created there, but in 1303, lightning struck the upper castle and destroyed it.

| Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. The Heidelberg Castle, located in Germany, is a famous ruin and the signpost for Heidelberg. A castle on the hill above Heidelberg was first mentioned in the early 13th century. A must-see at the castle is the Heidelberg Tun, known as the largest wine barrel in the world. One of the most important renaissance structures in the Northern Alps, the ruins of Heidelberg Castle is a famous landmark of Germany. You can clearly see that in the picture above. Your email address will not be published. Nestled in the hill 300 feet above the city of Heidelberg stands the breath-taking Heidelberg Schloss (castle). The castle has been restored many times in the course of history.

Stop for the obligatory photo with the barrel, then take the stairs to view it from above. Each building highlights a different period of German architecture. All Rights Reserved. History of Heidelberg Castle starts in early 1200s when documents started mentioning presence of castle in the location of the Heidelberg city.

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