witcher 3 negative review

I don't really like the game. Though, some characters are good enough, but like in Coen brothers movie, they don't develop during the playthrough, you just move on. The game has took up countless hours and hours of my life, from mission to mission. Very easy. The graphics are fine, but that's about it. First of all let me say, I wrote a positive review that was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, but I do enjoy the game so far nonetheless, yet I see all these negative reviews which are most outright ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and scolding the game for little to no reasons. First thing to note this is a game I knew little about when my son asked me if he could purchase it. Arse kicked by a stupid wraith or some such. The "boss" fights are **** as before... That was the main reason I hated so much W2. The odd f**k or s**t and the worst being c**t which didn't appear often. I put it on my wishlist. It is mine 1st Witcher I played, and I played it for 2/3 hours now, doing tutorial (learning mechanics, and it is not easy for keyboard/mouse combi, don't like control playing), and all i have been doing sofar is talking to NPC and no action, it is. It's inexcusable and people who allow this to happen are no more than sheep. How this game gets a 9.4 is beyond me. This decision may be one of the heaviest in the game, at least politically. Yet again, just another over hyped game that you shouldn't waste your money on. How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives, Participate in DigCit Week with your kid by using curated activities from Wide Open School, Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance, Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning. It's undeniable that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a great game. While the graphics are quite gorgeous and the gameplay is solid, the game also leaves much to be desired. Story is boring. The variable nature of Witcher combat is also represented when a fight begins. The same Radovid who spends his free time torturing any magic-related citizens. So, most players don't want to take her back to him, especially since Ciri sees Geralt as her real father. Combat was mostly enough with Attack-Attack-Roll-Igni & repeat. The movement physics also seem way off and the motion is very herky-jerky. Its gigantic world is broken up into a couple of different maps of varying sizes. Comparing the gear sold by merchants and your own is also a hard task unless you check it in a different menu. The game looks fabulous and sounds great. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Seriously? A (94!) The Witcher 3 is one of the only games to successfully communicate this lightness, this efficiency. In fact you actually help citizens and are unable to hurt or attack them as the game does not allow you to do so. The only gore i could really find was the odd underwhelming dismemberment of limbs that when happened, flew out of view onto the ground in less then a second or two (the limbs where also not very gory as from watching, they usually turned black when cut off and did not show a lot of blood when cut taking away from the gore that you may have imagined). That being said also drugs and alcohol can be consumed, consuming drug-like substances is actually part of the game (making potions out of herbs etc, is similar to shamans taking mushrooms or cannabis ) so if you are worried about drugs and alcohol there is that. Most are getting a majority of a thumbs down. The gamer may also explore the map, apart from completing quests. Critics are praising it for no reason (maybe because 2015 has been **** so far for gaming or they haven't played Witcher 1 &2, which are by far better than 3). There's a long story here but we'll keep it short, Cerys kidnaps the Jarl's kid and tells Geralt to throw it in a hot oven. 2015год это провал. then its a 10!!!! The Witcher was the most boring 10 hours of my life. На начальной локации ставить врагов с черепом на голове, которые убивают с 1-2 ударов, игрока, который только-только учится играть и привыкает к неудобному корявому управлению, это верх некомпетентности разработчиков. I'll admit that I have played many 18+ games back in the day, but again, those games were dated and none too serious. And, what's extra neat, is that players can take on a sidequest where Geralt and Yen hunt down another Djinn to nullify this "Last Wish" and see if their affection is the real deal. Story is interesting and well-told, the script, characters, and voice acting are great, the setting is intriguing if a bit cliche, the open world feels richly populated, and the graphics are beautiful although short of technologically impressive -- but the combat and exploration, which together take up the majority of the playtime, are atrocious; plagued by indescribably bad controls, locomotion, and responsiveness, combat and movement become a chore, and the level design clashes with these weaknesses as it is filled with small obstacles to traversal and encounters is closed spaces. All the great reviews from various game writers and media are easily explained. I'm sorry, but this game is highly overrated. When im fighting i dont fell like im there. If they side with either brother, Skellige pointlessly goes against Nilfgaard immediately. Always zooming out to the world map while wanting to zoom out of a area, like White Orchard. All the villages look exactly the same, the quests are fetch quests with Witcher Senses(Batman Detective mode) which doesn't make them any more interesting. The combat is so clunky I don't understand what has gone wrong with this development. Another one of my children is incredibly mature however, and is able to easily play extraordinarily violent and frightening games, because he is easily able to separate them from reality. Because combat is focused on strategy, dodging and attack timing, fighting is best initiated in open areas with no obstacles in the way, and it's at its trickiest when there's fisticuffs in tight, enclosed spaces. Killing Junior leads to Doppler Dudu taking his place and helping out Novigrad quite a bit in the long run. Such vastness is crying out for a more accessible way to zoom out after looking at points of interest. If you can plz explain to me how a convoluted Shadow of Mordor clone deserves more than a 0/10 then go for it buddy. We explained exactly why in our review, and all the players that have been enjoying it since release have pretty much unanimously confirmed it's quality. Then there is 'Free DLC Program,' which is just to create fanboys. And lastly, we know Geralt likes to sleep around, but try and get him to keep it in his pants just a bit. The Witcher is awful. Also im kinda addicted to gwent. Completed the. Avoiding spoilers I will tell you that as of the latest patch (can't say about earlier. And, we all know how altruistic the Butcher of Blaviken is. I had to get a refund and get myself something else. RPG Leveling which is worse than the games from ubisoft. Luckily, although this would have been neat, they aren't based on decisions made throughout the entire game. It isn't like a big club he uses to bludgeon opponents with, as you might see in Skyrim or a lot of JRPGs. These 'free' things could have been in the game but it was a PR move. Unfortunately, in The Witcher 3, Geralt skips many of these steps and fails to move in a natural manner, so the reality that you're playing a video game constantly tugs at the immersive feeling of being in the wonderfully constructed medieval fantasy world. But that's the point of easy mode - to let players enjoy a game without requiring enormous skill or knowledge to do so. What I want to point out is that this is yet another game released in an unacceptably unfinished state. The Witcher 3 is a dark, gritty, gruesome and violent video game with lots of nudity and sex. We won't go too much into it, but at the end of the questline, Geralt has the choice to spare or slay this half-baked crime-lord. It is a not very well done mix between Dragon Age: Inquistion(graphics) and SWTOR(story). I really didn't feel like remapping every command to something that made more sense. But a lot of the nudity is optional so if you have something against that your kid should be fine if you monitor it. The show is insanely popular, the original books are selling out on Amazon, and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has more concurrent players than it had on release!

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