wolgraff divinity

Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference. There are a couple other stats you need to check out. On lower difficulties, I came across only 1 occasion where Tenebrium was absolutely necessary and it was for story purpose only. SPD and CON are linked by their effects on Action Points, so be sure to understand their effect on each other so you can adapt your build accordingly. Lockpicking can be boosted by equipment and there are very few occasion where it's actually needed. Range Rogues also benefit a lot more from Movement than they should, the terrain often blocks your line of sight so you need to move around quite a lot. The first thing you need to do is hire them all as soon as possible. This guide is meant to shed some lights on what is really useful, what's a waste of time, give you some build guidelines and more.

On top of that, you'll also have access to: It is only possible to respec your 2 main characters.

Madora is a typical Warrior found on the 1st floor of The King Crabs Tavern. DEX effects will cap at 23 so equip your Rogue accordingly. Jahan information Jahan is one of the NPCs that can train the player in Source. The Tenebrium infused damage is less than pure Tenebrium Weapons, but with none of the disadvantages.

For short range attacks, use Lacerate, Trip, Venomous Strike, Daggers Drawn, Eye Gouge, Precise Incision, Coup de Grace, Shadow Step, Whirlwind, Crippling Blow, Flurry, Shocking Touch, Burning Touch and Vampiric Touch. It shouldn't be a problem if you do your "duties" (see Gold). Given you have 2 Daggers with +2 DEX each from a Tormented Soul, you only need another +4 DEX from equipment.

Avoid Hyperopia since it's bugged and will weaken you.

This build is very "advanced" and shines a lot more when applied to one of the main characters since they also benefit from Traits bonuses. cost you action points, so the more you start with, the more you gain each turn and the maximum you can hold at 1 time are crucial to making you a powerhouse. Once you level enough, you'll see Epic, Legendary and Divine equipment make their appearance.

Bartering is worth investing 1 point in. Poison immunity will also react the same way, stand in the middle of a poison cloud and you won't get poisoned, but you will suffer from poison damage every X seconds you stay there... On the other hand, elemental immunities will prevent damage from elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Poison, Tenebrium), but won't prevent damage from "effects". Using all the skills at your disposal makes your character much more efficient in all the different situations. The cap at 15 for an attribute is a soft cap.

As I keep repeating, the most important boost coming from equipment are SPD and CON attributes. No matter what you do, you're stuck with them.

There's great synergy to have when all poison heals you and mostly kill everything else. Most of your equipment will focus on SPD for more Action Points. It's quite easy to hit the 100% mark for all elemental sources, but I wouldn't count on it for Poison and Tenebrium. Oath of Desecration is simply amazing for your damage, while Vampiric Touch will benefit from you being in melee range most of the time to give you some healing abilities.

For Wolgraff to be as powerful as he can be, he should pick up the Guerrilla talent, and get to sneak 5 as quickly as possible, ideally with 3 points invested and 1 point each from helmet and boots. Wands do stack with Dual Wielding. Most of the time, if it can be unlocked by Lockpicking, you can bash thru it until it breaks. Right now, you must be asking yourself why do I suggest going all over the place instead of specializing in 2 complementary magic skills like everyone suggest online?

For getting out of trouble, use Sneaking (from equipment, more details below), Adrenaline, Walk in Shadows, Invisibility, Summon Undead Warrior and Rapture. Early on, your focus should be on putting 1 in Man-At-Arms, Scoundrel, Aerotheurge and Witchcraft. When I used wolgraff, I just played him like a warrior backstabbing stuff. With that in mind, I'm gonna give you a rundown of the most useful abilities (in my opinion) for each type of builds. Early on, your focus should be on putting 1 in all your abilities. Be careful as some immunities aren't exactly what you'd expect. Repairing a piece of equipment can be done from any inventory, no need to move the equipment around.

For 6 AP you can make 3 regular dagger attacks or 2 double-damage gorilla attacks, i.e. In every build guidelines, I max the associated "class" attribute so you don't have to look for equipment with that attribute boost.

They don't synergize well with Rogues at all.

they level with you whether they're in your active party or not, * (B) indicate that it uses Blacksmithing instead of Crafting, 6 Novice Skills, 4 Adept Skills, 1 Master Skill, 6 Novice Skills, 4 Adept Skills, 2 Master Skills, Oath of Desecration, Summon Undead Warrior, Vampiric Touch, Adrenaline, Fast Track, Lacerate, Walk in Shadows, Trip, Venomous Strike, Cloak and Dagger, Daggers Drawn, Eye Gouge, Precise Incision, Battering Ram, Crushing Fist, Melee Power Stance, Teleportation, Thunder Jump, Shocking Touch, Oath of Desecration, Summon Undead Warrior, Vampiric Touch, Decaying Touch, Lower Resistances, Ricochet, Splintered Arrow, Ranged Precision Stance, Doctor, Oath of Desecration, Summon Undead Warrior, Malediction, Teleportation, Thunder Jump, Bitter Cold, Shocking Touch, Boulder Bash, Summon Spider, Avatar of Poison, Piece of equipment (helmet, armor, sarong, belt, glove) + Ruby (the quality doesn't seem to mater), +X% All Elemental Resist (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Piece of equipment (helmet, armor, sarong, belt, glove) + Air Essence, Piece of equipment (helmet, armor, sarong, belt, glove) + Earth Essence, Piece of equipment (helmet, armor, sarong, belt, glove) + Fire Essence, Piece of equipment (helmet, armor, sarong, belt, glove) + Water Essence, "Sharp" metal weapon (dagger, sword, axe, etc.) As long as you don't invest point in two-handed, you don't have to worry about gimping yourself in the long run.

Since Dual Wielding requires a lot of investment before blooming, don't be shy to use a two-handed weapon at first to smooth out the difficulty. It's better to supplement your build with skills from another class than trying to achieve a 50/50 hybrid.

Same goes for all the elements. Some piece of equipment will have Turn Action Point boosts. Your crafter will need 3 points in Tenebrium to be able to smelt Tenebrium Ore into Tenebrium Bars.

If you keep the count, that's 5 ability points for only 1 spell. When a scale tilt one side, that trait and its bonus is assigned to your character. Only 1 character needs Loremaster.

The harder the difficulty, the earlier you'll need to invest in this one. It's actually possible to be immune to poison with the Zombie talent, I've never used it, but was always curious about it. He's very strong at high level.

My suggestion is thus to always use your best weapon and carry a Tenebrium replacement just in case you need it. I've read online that you could maximize your XP and get up to level 23, but I doubt it's possible anymore in the Enhanced Edition.

You will have a lot of Ability points left so you can take the opportunity to go for Barter, Blacksmithing, Crafting, Hydrosophist (Freezing Touch and Regeneration) or whatever you fancy, just don't take Leadership. All resistances are pretty much essential too. I think he is a very cool character, and I generally like having him in my party for exploring and what have you, but I am not sure I really understand how to best use him in combat. So how can you take advantage of changing companions? Except for Oath of Desecration, all the spells have 100% chance of success. On top of that, you also had access to all Novice and Adept spells.

You can fill up the blanks with whatever float your boat.

If you invest here, you must use a single-handed weapon with a shield, no dual wielding otherwise you're wasting precious ability points. For example, immunity to burning will not prevent damage from fire, it will only prevent you from suffering from the "burning" effect.

Thunder Jump is extremely useful to close in with enemies, the small damage and chance of stun are secondary. Each companion has a personal quest, so take them out to complete it for more XP, Each companion has a different play style, so use them for the right situation. You get 2 main characters.

Since you have access to 15 attribute points and you can only put 10 points in a single attribute at most, this means you'll have to spread those points over more than 1 attribute.

There are a few occasion where a high PER is required, but equipment can take care of that. Remember how I said to concentrate on your "class" attribute then SPD and CON? Willpower is very useful on all difficulties. Leadership is particularly good if your party has 4 members. They can be dismissed and hired at will, but it is possible for them to leave your party permanently.

STR effects will cap at 23 so equip your Warrior accordingly. Movement is very useful for all characters, the higher it is, the lower the cost to move around. Then, increase Man-At-Arms to 4 as soon as possible. They always come in pair and depending on how you answer in some situations, a "weight" is added on the corresponding side of the scale.

Any tips or strategies you have come up with would be of value. In the Enhanced Edition, spending 5 ability points in a given magic skill only allows you to learn a second master spell, nothing else. With your INT at 23, all your spells cooldowns will be reduced by 2 turns, making some spells ready every other turn. Pickpocketing is fun for roleplay purposes, but takes too much time for little results.

I'll never mention it enough, but Adrenaline is amazing and totally worth 1 point in Scoundrel just by itself. To that end, multiple things come into play: Adrenaline (Scoundrel) will give you back half your Action Points. The only downside is it only affects your teammate(s), not the character you invest points on.

Teleportation seems like an odd choice, but it's absolutely bloody wonderful to control the battlefield in reality. Equipment should mostly focus on boosting SPD and CON according to the formula given in Attributes.

With sneak at 5, it costs only 1 ap to receive the Guerilla 2x damage boost on each attack. This will allow you to take care of most situations and increase your versatility. They come in 2 forms: elemental resistances and immunities to certain effects.

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